December 2010 – Southern Lanta Resort – Koh Lanta, Thailand

It was with short notice, but in December we managed to hold a Shark Guardian presentation at the Southern Lanta Resort on Koh Lanta in Thailand. With the help of some very dedicated individuals we managed to get all the foreign schools, dive centers and a good deal of the local tourists to attend the event. They were well entertained and learnt a great deal more about sharks and conservation. Thank you to the 100 plus adults and children that attended!


September 2010 – BaKti Headoffice – Makassar, Indonesia

The very next evening after the CIDA awards ceremony Shark Guardian was invited to the head offices of Bakti (www.bakti.org) in Makassar, Indonesia. Over 50 people attended the presentation most of which were Bakti employers, dive club members and studens from the local university. This audience was also attended by enthusiastic divers from the local dive community.



September 2010 – CIDA Awards Ceromony – Makassar, Indonesia

Brendon Sing was invited to Makassar to attend and present Shark Guardian at a conference and awards ceremony for different members within Indonesian government and agencies responsible for agricultural and environmental projects in Sulawesi and Indonesia. The Canadian Ambassador,   Y.M. Mackenzie Clugston was also in attendance to present CIDA Champion awards to innovative development achievers in Sulawesi. According to a CIDA official, Maurice Alarie, the awards were for parties who contributed to the completion of CIDA-assisted projects in Sulawesi. “The awards are for the people who have worked hard to change and develop the area in which they live,” he said.


September 2010 – Thalassa Resort – Manado, Indonesia

In September 2010 Shark Guardian was invited to present at the Thalassa Resort near Manado in North Sulawesi of Indonesia. Over 50 people attended the presentation most of which were divers and guests of the resort. However there was also a group of children from the local school, aided by the owner of Thalassa Divers. After the presentation almost every body signed the peteition to help protect sharks for the next CITES meetings for governments to protect sharks with stonger and more reliable laws.


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