November 2011 – Shark Guardian hits the UK… again!

Thanks to Liz’s friend, Shark Guardian got a foot in the door early with the science department at South Wolds community school and in early November Liz presented to 2 groups of 90 year 9 students plus teachers. The event was a success with the pupils linking the presentation with their current studies on ecosystems and a big thanks goes to Andrew Buttery for coordinating the events.
Liz’s dad, Paul Ward, helped generate the presentations held a week later at Redhill Accademy. Liz presented to 2 groups of 6th form students who will shortly be studying conservation. They found the talk very ispiring and as ever could not belive the bleak future sharks are facing. Students didn’t waste time getting onto our website and signing the Project Aware Shark Petition – young conservationists in action immediately!!


October 2011 Shark Guardian hits the UK!

It didn’t take much persuading for Liz’s old headmaster, Barry Doran, to jump on board the Shark Guardian camapign so we have now finally officially kick started Shark Guardian UK! Liz presented to approximately 140 children aged 8 to 11 year olds plus 6 memebers of staff who were amazed at the fabulous graphics, laughed at some unusual looking sharks and were shocked at the reality of the tragic act of shark finning. Barry Doran was extremely happy with his ex-pupils’ presentation and wants to contact all other headmasters in the area to arrange more Shark Guardian events. The children were gripped thoughout and we hope some new Shark Guardian cadettes are in the making.


June 2011 – Shark Guardian at ISB International School of Brunei

One day after the National Environment Conference Shark Guardian also visited the Brunei ISB International School. Shark Guardian had already visited the ISB International school in Bangkok, Thailand duirng February 2011. Through Bangkok ISB School contacts, it was a pleasure to visit another ISB School this time in a new country for Shark Guardian.

Presentations were given throughout the day to several classes and student age groups. A special ‘THANK YOU’ goes to ISB Brunei for their invitation and sponsorship for the National Environment Conference and ISB school Shark Guardian presentations.



June 2011 – Shark Guardian is Invited as special guest and speaker at the Brunei National Environmental Conference

Shark Guardian was invited to the National Environment Conference in Brunei as a honored guest, speaker and to take part in an open forum discussion on marine biodiversity and shark conservation. Shark Guardian was aiming to encourage government ministers attending the conference to develop, initiate and enforce shark sanctuaries in Brunei following the “Eco Tourism” example of other nations such as Palau, Hawaii and Maldives.




April 2011 – Bangkok Mission (Part 2): 2 more International Schools!

After our visit to several international schools in Bangkok during February, we were back and hungry for more! This time Shark Guardian presented several presentations to various student classes at the Harrow International School. Shark Guardian was honored with such a warm welcome and hope that we left our important messages impressed on the audience of mixed students and teachers. A special thanks goes to Harrow International School for our invitation.

We had enough time to make another visit to KIS International School after our morning at Harrow School. We were invited back to do a follw up from our previous visit in February 2011, as well as to see some of the classes we had not yet presented to. The children and teachers enjoyed the Shark Guardian presentation so much during our previous visit, they just had to have us back for more.

This time round we also managed to visit the Patana International school. The new auditorium was very impressive for the presentation show and sound effects to deliver a fantastic experience about sharks and conservation. Among the 200 strong audience we also had a special guest, a reporter from the Bangkok Post to cover the event and have it published a few weeks later.


February 2011 – Bangkok Mission: 3 International Schools & 3 Learning Institutes, 9 Presentations over 3 days – almost 1000 people!!

After several weeks of non-stop planning and organization we finally made it happen!!
The Shark Guardian mission is to educate, motivate and inspire people to turn their passions into action. In this case to stand up for sharks and conservation. Brendon has been working towards reaching as many people as possible with his presentations, but more so with the next generation, the people of tomorrow, the children of the world. Because of the high demand of shark products in Asia it makes sense to concentrate in this area. We believe that if you reach the hearts and minds of children, they are able to change things and educate even the adults of today who follow old customs and habits.

From the 8th – 10th February 2011 Brendon gave his Shark Guardian presentation 9 times over 3 days to nearly 1000 children and adults from several international schools and institutes. These were Shrewsbury International School, NIST (New International School of Bangkok), KIS International School and 3 Wall Street language Institutes (Siam, Silom and Lad Prao). The age groups started at 4 year old children right through to adults who were all impressed with the information, shocked by the facts of depleted shark populations, horrified by mankind’s brutality and finally inspired by hope, that change is possible and that there is still time to save the worlds most valuable species in the oceans, the great sharks.

These events would not have been possible without the continued support of many people who have participated in past Shark Guardian presentations, and by generous donations and purchasing of Shark Guardian t-shirts.

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