About Shark Guardian – UK Charity for shark and marine conservation projects worldwide

How Shark Guardian Started

by Brendon Sing: Co-Founder and Director of Shark Guardian

Slide03I grew up in South Africa and as a kid I had a huge interest in sharks. Every time I went to an aquarium I would head straight for the shark tank and literally stand there for hours just watching the sharks swim by on the other side of the glass. People would walk by the shark tank saying how scary and freaky the sharks looked. Teasing other children that the sharks would try and eat them. I was not deterred, I found sharks absolutely fascinating. I wanted to dive with sharks and learn more about them.

I became a certified scuba diver in my teens and started to learn more about marine life and of course I took a special interest in learning more about sharks and diving with them. At 19 years old I became a professional dive master and scuba instructor and was teaching specialized shark diving courses and led shark diving expeditions while researching sharks for my studies.

Instead of continuing to study sharks for research, I wanted to be more involved with shark conservation. I wanted to share my knowledge, experience and passion for sharks with others and through education, motivate others to get involved with shark conservation activities. While continuing to teach divers about sharks I started to give public presentations in 2008 regarding shark conservation which lead to invitations to international schools, government conferences, public events and environmental conferences around the world. It was at this point that Shark Guardian was established in 2008.

Together with my wife Elizabeth Ward-Sing (Co-Director of Shark Guardian), we have dedicated ourselves full time for shark conservation projects through Shark Guardian since 2013.

What makes Shark Guardian unique

Like other organizations Shark Guardian is supported by people who care about sharks and marine conservation. However, what makes Shark Guardian unique and different from other organizations?

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Professional shark divers and Instructors – Shark researchers – Professional educators – Passionate – Driven

  • The Shark Guardian team are highly motivated, passionate people who are actively involved in shark diving and shark research
  • Shark Guardian is led by professional scuba diving instructors and educators who collectively have thousands of hours of shark diving experience
  • Shark Guardian regularly give professional educational presentations about sharks to school students, adults, divers and the general public worldwide
  • Shark Guardian educational presentations are state of the art, up to date and specifically adapted for appropriate audiences
  • Shark Guardian has an audience of over 20,000 people a year attending our educational presentations in several countries around the world
  • Shark Guardian initiated the Thailand eShark Project – the largest citizen science project in Thailand to monitor shark populations
  • Shark Guardian produce and develop educational materials in international languages to enhance conservation education
  • Shark Guardian actively networks and promotes projects from other organizations for the benefit of shark and marine conservation, maximizing time and resources
  • Shark Guardian is a registered UK Charity (#1152654) operating internationally

What is a Charity?

Shark Guardian registered with the UK Charity Commission in July 2013 as a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO). Shark Guardian is a non-profit Charity for shark and marine conservation, education, awareness and research projects worldwide. Shark Guardian has 2 Directors supported by 3 independent Trustees who oversee the Charity activities. Together the Shark Guardian directors and trustees maintain the standards set out by the UK Charity Commission for all charities. Shark Guardian conducts educational presentations and seminars, organize workshops, initiate research projects, network with other organizations and co-ordinate various activities related to shark and marine conservation… for FREE

downloadTo view and confirm the Shark Guardian UK Charity listing, click on the image above to access the UK Charity Commission website. Once on the page click ‘Find Charity’ and type in ‘Shark Guardian’ in the Charity search box. Here you can find full details for the Shark Guardian Charity including  overview, trustees, framework and financial details.

Shark Guardian charity goals



How Shark Guardian raises funds

Mechandise for home pageMost of the funds raised for Shark Guardian comes from the sales of our range of Shark Guardian merchandise. The Shark Guardian online store allows anyone to purchase Shark Guardian products worldwide. The Shark Guardian merchandise range includes t-shirts, caps, hoodies, wrist bands and diving/snorkel accessories. Income from merchandise sales go 100% back into Shark Guardian conservation projects worldwide. View the Shark Guardian Online Store

Shark Guardian accepts, and greatly appreciates donations from the general public, schools and dive centers through our website.

100% Of all donations go towards Shark Guardian conservation projects worldwide

Dive centers can further support by registering as a Shark Guardian Dive Center. These Dive centers help raise funds by selling Shark Guardian merchandise and  raising donations.  In return, dive centers gain a shark conservation section in their dive shop, are recognized on the Shark Guardian website and social media, receive regular information on Shark Guardian activities and other shark conservation news from around the world. See more information about becoming a Shark Guardian Dive Center

What Shark Guardian funds are used for?

Shark and Marine conservation education, activities and research projects for the general public and the next generation

Shark and marine conservation education, activities  and research projects for the current and next generation

  • Shark Guardian gives hundreds of shark and marine conservation presentations a year for local and international school students, dive centers, community groups and the general public for FREE every year!  Most of the money raised for Shark Guardian is used to make these events and activities possible.
  • Shark Guardian projects are active worldwide including the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. All money raised for Shark Guardian is used towards the costs of conducting these programs and activities for the current and next generation for FREE!
  • Additionally money raised is also used to develop and produce shark and marine conservation educational materials, posters and leaflets. These are distributed for free to schools, students and the general public for FREE! See the Shark Guardian Resources Page for free downloads.
  • Some funds are allocated to produce more Shark Guardian merchandise to sell and raise additional funds to conduct the activities mentioned above.
  • Shark Guardian is run by a passionate and dedicated team of volunteers. Some funds are used for the day to day running of a Charity.

How does a UK Charity like Shark Guardian operate in other countries?

As a Charity, Shark Guardian operates as a non-profit and Non Government Organization (NGO) internationally. Shark Guardian networks with other conservation organizations and NGOs  based in different countries around the world. As a collective, Shark Guardian believes this maximizes the delivery of educational programs and information and promotes more conservation efforts for the sustainable management of sharks worldwide.

Shark Guardian in Thailand

For the advancement of education is Thailand, Shark Guardian has partnered with The Love WildLife Foundation. Love Wildlife is a non-profit foundation registered in the country of Thailand, and in the State of Texas (U.S.A.) as a foreign non-profit. Love Wildlife work hard at educating the younger generations about the importance of wildlife and their connection to the world we all live in. This fits in perfectly with the goals and objectives of Shark Guardian UK Charity.

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