More Airlines ban the transport of shark fin!

Shark Fins - which airlines will be next to declare a ban on their transport?

Shark Fins – which airlines will be next to declare a ban on their transport?

As we prepare to update our Shark Guardian followers with news from the shark world and our activities last month, we just had to provide an update first with the amazing news coming from the airline world. In the last few days more airlines have banned the transport of shark fin. Shark Guardian is extremely happy to be part of this pressure on the big airlines via letters and emails.

More Airlines ban shark fin!

Aeromexico ban shark fin transportation

Aeromexico ban shark fin transportation

In the last few days Aeromexico, Eva Air (Taiwan) and the LATAM group (South Americas biggest airline group operating in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia) have gone shark free on all their routes.

They join Emirates, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Qantas and Air New Zealand with a full blanket ban. Cathay Pacific and Fiji Airways (ex-Air Pacific) will only transport ‘fins from sustainable sources only’.

Pressure from Environmental groups makes a difference

Shark Guardian is part of a combined effort from environmental groups who are campaigning to get all airlines to stop transporting shark fin. If the fins cannot be moved around so easily, they cannot get to destinations where they are bought, used or consumed. Ultimately this will affect consumer demand.

Led by Alex Hofford, director of My Ocean, in mid August we joined 90 other conservation groups, campaigners and environmentalists on letters to 22 airlines. At the start of September Emirates announced their ban, even though they had it place since June. And now we are pleased to announce the recent bans too, hoping that others will follow suit given the awareness and publicity this creates for them. Other airlines yet to comment include Japan Airlines, Ethiad, Air India and Garuda.

Hope for Thai Airways and a shark fin ban?

At the end of August, with Fin Free Thailand and other shark conservation groups, we sent a separate letter to the Thai Airways president and executive board. It has taken a few weeks for us to get news that the letter has been received but on the 1st of October this was confirmed. It is now believed that their response and action is being considered. We are unsure if this is at a board level (yet). But it is progress!

Who will be next?

The exciting news from the last few days leaves us with the question: who will be next to ban the transportation of shark fin? We hope Thailand can set an example and do the right thing. This is especially important in a country where so much revenue is generated from the diving industry. An industry which, as the next monthly update will show, is concerned about the long-term future of diving in oceans where few sharks remain.

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