An amazing month in Indonesia for Shark Guardian!

Starting September 2016 Shark Guardian travelled across Indonesia for a month to meet and educate divers, students and everyone else who was interested in learning more about sharks. Overall Shark Guardian Charity Directors Brendon and Liz led ten events at diving schools and communities that targeted approximately 500 people. Moreover, they visited 2 International schools and Shark Guardian leader Else Poulsen visited two English First Language schools. This meant 260 students of various nationalities were able to learn about sharks and ways they can help them as well as the ocean as a whole.

Raising awareness for the successful CITES CoP17

Throughout all the presentations, Shark Guardian brought CITES CoP17  to the attention of everyone who was present at the events. They tried to generate awareness and support for nine species of mobula rays, three species of thresher sharks and the silky shark which were up for review at CITES CoP17. Many pictures during the presentations were taken in front of the CoP17 logo and then tweeted to CITES in order to show their support. Every action, no matter how big or small, has helped because in the end all the rays and sharks won their votes and are now globally protected by CITES!


11 September 2016 – Amed, Bali

For the third year running Shark Guardian returned to Amed, Bali. The Shark Guardian presentation was hosted by Reef Bar and Bali Reef Divers and there were more than 50 attendees. Brendon presented about sharks, awesome shark facts and most importantly about how divers can continue providing data for valuable shark research.


13-16 September 2016 – Liveaboard, Divine Diving, Komodo

Shark Guardian director Brendon ran a four day shark education and research expedition in Komodo. The starting point of this expedition was Labuan Bajo. Here Brendon did two presentations where almost 80 people attended to learn not only about sharks, but also about ongoing projects and how anyone can get involved. In addition to these events, Brendon went on a liveaboard with Divine Diving, Komodo. Shark education and research was the main focus, apart from the awesome diving! During the liveaboard the guests got treated to educational presentations by Brendon about the sharks that they could encounter during the dives. Every dive that was conducted during the liveaboard was logged for research data for the eOceans global database. Special thanks to Divine Diving, Komodo for hosting and organizing this successful event! 



16 September 2016 – Joes Gone Diving, Sanur, Bali

At Joe’s Gone Diving Liz did a presentation for the local diving community about sharks, cool shark facts, threats to sharks and most importantly about how divers can continue providing data for valuable shark research.

19 september 2016 – Boat education

The Shark Guardian educational flip chart that has been used in Thailand for a while, has been introduced in Indonesia. The aim for the upcoming months is that all the Shark Guardian dive centers will use these regularly. The photo below shows Liz on World Dving lembongans’ boat, educating the guests about sharks, Shark Guardian and their projects.


20 september 2016  – World Diving, Lembongan

World Diving on Lembongan has been one of the 42 Shark Guardian dive centers for about three years. They are the only Shark Guardian dive center on Lembongan and have always been very supportive. A huge thanks as always to World Diving for their ongoing support and hosting this event!


Brendon and Liz together with Sue and john, owners of World Diving

22 september 2016 – Plantet Nomadas, Lembongan

Brendon and Liz did their presentation at Planet Nomadas Dive Resort in Lembongan. Planet Nomadas hosted this event and provided amazing food and drinks of which the profits were donated to Shark Guardian. Therefore a special thanks to everyone from Planet Nomadas Dive Resort!


Brendon and Liz together with Jose

Liz used to work together with Jose, one of the Planet Nomads Dive Resort owners, when she first started as a Dive Master in Khao Lak, Thailand. Amazing to see that diving and conservation brings people together again in order to work together for the wellbeing of sharks!

23 & 26 September 2016 – Ocean5Dive and Blue Marlin Dive Resort, Gili Air

Brendon and Liz did their presentation about sharks and Shark Guardian projects at the Oceans5Dive dive center on the 23rd of September and at Blue Marlin Dive Resort at 26th of September. Special thanks to Ocean5Dive and Blue Marlin Dive Resort for hosting the events.


28 september 2016 – Blue Marlin Dive, Gili Trawangan

The last Shark Guardian event on the Gili Islands took place at Shark Guardian Dive Center, Blue Marlin Dive. They hosted this event for Shark Guardian so that Liz could educate the local diving community about Sharks and Shark Guardian events. Therefore, huge thanks to Blue Marlin Dive!



23 and 30 September 2016 – English First Language schools in Denpasar and Kuta

Shark Guardian leader Else Poulsen ran two sessions at the English First Language schools in Denpasar and Kuta. Here around 60 students of various nationalities between the age of 6 and 15 were present. Else educated these students about sharks and the threats sharks face in Indonesian waters. It’s great to see that the students showed an active interest in learning more about sharks and the conservation of sharks. Shark Guardian is very active in educating students, after all…they are the future!

4 October 2016 – Canggu Community School, Bali

Brendon and Liz finished their busy Indonesian tour by visiting 2 schools on Bali. First they did a session with the year six students of the Canggu Community School, Bali. The students have been learning about about the threats to our oceans from pollution and plastics. Therefore, linking sharks to this topic was very important. Also here, students showed active interest and had many questions for Brendon and Liz. The plan is to continue to work with these students and make some of them International Student Shark Guardian ambassadors.


4 October 2016 – Crystal divers, Sanur

The final dive community event was hosted by Crystal Divers in Sanur. A special thanks to Crystal Divers for hosting this event!

5 October 2016 – Montessori School, Bali

This was the last Shark Guardian event of the Indonesia tour. Brendon and Liz spent the morning with the students from the Montessori School in Bali. They educated the students about sharks and how important sharks are for our whole ecosystem.



Shark Guardian looks back on a fantastic and very successful month in Indonesia. The turnout and enthusiasm of everyone was amazing! Click here to see upcoming Shark Guardian events.





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