Dubai Schools Competition Finalists and Winners 2014! In Association with Global ocean.

Toby Whalley, winner from Jumeirah English Speaking School

Toby Whalley, winner from Jumeirah English Speaking School

From 1st to 13th of February 2014, Shark Guardian were in Dubai for their first ever Dubai school tour. The tour was sponsored by Global Ocean UK Charity.  A competition was run for students to create posters to reinforce the learning and new knowledge acquired by them following the Shark Guardian presentation. Shark Guardian, Global Ocean and our judges were overwhelmed by the standard of entries and the inspirations presented by the children.The finalists and winners can be found below.

Shark Guardian Dubai School Tour

During their time in Dubai Shark Guardian visited 14 schools and did 22 presentations and workshops plus a general public event at VOX cinema. This resulted in more than 5000 Dubai and Sharjah residents, mainly children, getting inspired to get involved in shark conservation.

Shark Guardian and Global Ocean Competition and Judges

Children at GEMS Westminster in Sharjah get creative for the competition

Children at GEMS Westminster in Sharjah get creative for the competition

Students were asked to create a poster or picture to highlight the importance of sharks and why they are so special. We wanted personal views to show what students learnt, why it is important to protect sharks and why this is an important issue to bring to peoples attention. Each school selected their top 3 entries and these were judged by 2 external judges.

The first judge was Rima Jabado, a Fisheries Expert from the Ministry of Environment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Rima has led several research projects in the UAE and provided valuable information that helped Shark Guardian ensure their presentations were relevant to the schools in Dubai. Rima is also the lead scientist for the Gulf Elasmo Project. The second judge was Jonathan Ali Khan, founder of The Sharkquest Arabia Initiative and well known writer, producer, film maker and underwater cameraman of the UAE.

Both judges found their job very hard. Rima said “I’ve never had to judge kids work before and I think they should all win just for the effort!”. We agreed and we commend all students and school for their efforts. However we needed just a few key posters to go in to a book to be presented to Sheikh Mohammed. These winners received an Ipod shuffle kindly donated by Global ocean. All finalists won a Shark Guardian wrist band, plus a cool hammerhead mug donated by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

So here are the lucky finalists and winners!

School Finalists and Winners

Our Own English High School (Boys) – Sharjah, Years 7 and 8

GEMS Al Khaleej National School, Grades 5 and 6

Shark Guardian did 2 presentations at Al Khaleej for Grades 5 and 6. A huge number of students participated in the competition so we therefore awarded 2 main prizes to this school!

American Academy, Al Mizhar (Girls), Mixed groups

Dubai English Speaking School, Year 4

Dubai International Academy, environmental systems and societies students (ages 17-18)

DUNEHA Home Schooling Group, mixed ages

GEMS Royal Dubai School, Key Stage 1 and 2

Jumeirah English Speaking School, Arabian Ranches, Year 7

GEMS Winchester School, Jebel Ali, Year 8 and 9

Raffles International School, Grades 1 to 5

Shark Guardian did 2 presentations at this school to cover Grades 1 to 5. All classes took part so there were a huge amount of  posters produced. We therefore awarded 2 main prizes to this school also!

GEMS Westminster, Sharjah

This school made a huge ‘Save the Shark’ competition out of their poster task! On the school tour Shark Guardian did 4 sessions to more than 800 children! With this amount of participation, again the school submitted a range of finalists and there were 2 outright winners.

 Well done everybody!

We once again thank everyone for their efforts in this competition and look forward to hearing from the Shiekh Mohammed about his new book! We thank Global Ocean for their prizes and cannot wait for childrens efforts like this in the future.

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