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SG Eco Field TripAs a conservation organization, the Shark Guardian goal is conservation through education as well as action. This is where our Shark Guardian Eco Field Trips come in, creating action through projects, activities, presentations, training and most importantly, having loads of fun while doing it.

Even though the organization is primarily supporting Shark Conservation, our Shark Guardian Eco Field Trips are focused on providing overviews on various marine eco-systems such as coral reefs and mangrove forests as well as human impacts on these eco-systems such as over-fishing, pollution and reef destruction. The next step is to provide activities for conservation efforts to help manage the risks that eco-systems are facing and to get more involved and action minded.

Sharks play a very important role in the marine eco-system and during the Eco Field Trips much will also be discussed and learnt about these amazing creatures.


Eco Field Trip - Bunaken Island
Our Eco Field trips have a strong and relevant educational basis for all school levels with children aged between the ages of 11-18. We offer opportunities and activities to get students involved in these following areas of study:

- Undergraduate Research Programs
- Dissertation Studies
- GCSE Biology and Geography
- IB Standard

Shark Guardian works in conjunction with teachers from schools who accompany their students on our Shark Guardian Eco Field Trips to ensure that students are meeting their curriculum goals through our activities.



Currently the Shark Guardian Eco Field Trips are based on Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bunaken is included in the National Marine Park of Manado and is situated within the Coral Triangle – the world’s richest garden of corals and marine life. The waters of the Coral Triangle hold the highest diversity of iridescent corals, fish, crustaceans, mollusks and marine plant species in the world. The area sustains over 120 million people and garners more than $12 billion a year from nature-based tourism. A complex mix of diverse habitats – from river estuaries and mangrove forests, to sea grass beds and coral reef ecosystems – support this array of marine biodiversity. Sea turtles, whale sharks and mantas feed, breed and migrate in these rich and sheltered waters.


Successful Eco field trips are most valuable to student visitors when they can provide these three requirements, Education, Service and Skill!

Eco field trips are fun and exciting with the added benefit of progressing with educational studies. It also gives students opportunities to continue with their own independent studies, research programs or gathering dissertation data. Additionally students will also learn more about the local environment through educational presentations from Shark Guardian Tour Leaders.

Community Service gives students the experience of interacting with and learning from the local people of the area, their way of life and to get involved with positive environmental projects.

Educational presentations and community service is vital for the development of students today but it would not be totally complete without learning new skills and taking action. These activities could include scuba diving, snorkeling, reef surveying or reef mapping just to name a few. With the Shark Guardian Eco Tour, students do all this and much much more.

Shark Guardian Eco Field Trip educational programs Include:

1. Presentations on local marine life: North Sulawesi has an abundance of marine life that changes greatly from one area to the other. During this presentation we show interesting videos and pictures of the marine life in the area with information on family groups and habitats of many species in the local marine Eco system.

2. The Shark Guardian presentation: A very inspiring and educational presentation about sharks, different species, biology, interesting facts, the role they play in the Eco system as the ocean’s apex predator and what can be done to protect sharks from finning and over fishing. For participation students will also receive: Shark Guardian membership, certificate and a special Shark Guardian Eco Field trip t-shirt!

3. PADI Shark Conservation Specialty Certification: PADI is the world’s largest educational scuba diving training training agency in the world. Certified PADI instructors will run a specialized shark conservation course from Project Aware that involves theory presentations about shark conservation and scuba or snorkel activities looking for small reef sharks on the local reefs. The main aim of this course is to identify sharks and if any threats against these sharks (long lines, nets, spearing) exist in the local area. On completion of this course students will receive PADI Shark Conservation specialty certifications.

4. Instruction in marine debris collection, reef surveying and mapping: These presentations prepare students for their up-coming action skills. During these presentations students will be shown demonstrations on how to use tools that are available for collecting marine debris safely, recording marine debris collected and using underwater slates and compasses to map reef structures and contours.

Shark Guardian Eco Field Trip community experience/service include:

1. Village & School tour: Tour of the local village and school. Meeting the locals of the area and seeing first hand their way of life and customs. Join together with students from the local school in an environmental project.
Environmental Aspect: The village tour also serves to show that there is a problem with trash and pollution in the area. We would like to have students identify this and also witness what the local school and village community projects are to try and be more environmentally aware and proactive against trash and pollution.

2. Beach Clean Up: Working together with the local community and school, complete a land based environmental project by collecting marine debris from the beach, recording data and reporting findings for future research in marine debris management through Project Aware.

3. Reef and Ocean Clean Up Activities: Take a boat trip around the island and it’s beautiful reefs to help collect marine debris. Marine debris is harmful to all marine life and to the eco-system making this a valuable and inspiring activity. Students will be collecting marine debris by snorkeling, scuba diving and using hand nets from the boats and recording their captured debris for future research. This is a very enjoyable activity and very challenging to see who can collect the most debris from different teams to collect a special prize!

Shark Guardian Eco Field Trip Skills include:

1. Learn to breathe underwater with Discover Scuba Diving: This half-day program is designed to take you on a dive so that you can discover the excitement and adventure of being underwater, something only a diver knows the feeling! There are three parts to the program: 1) a bit of theory that covers some of the basics about being underwater;
2) learning some basic scuba skills in shallow water; 3) then heading off on an open water dive to a maximum depth of 10-12m. You don’t have to be an expert swimmer nor do you have to have had any experience of diving. Students are directly supervised by highly experienced PADI Instructors.

2. Reef Survey and Mapping (Scuba Diving/ Snorkeling): For this activity students make a team effort to use specialized tools and techniques to map and survey a reef. During this time they will identify several species of hard and soft corals. They will also monitor coral health while looking at indicator species (types of fish) that would represent a balanced coral reef and marine eco-system.


- Accommodation
- Full board meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and unlimited tea/coffee/water
- Free WIFI
- Supervised snorkel/and/or diving activities
- Scuba diving instruction as required
- All boat and equipment rental during stay
- All transfers airport-resort-airport
- Diving insurance cover
- Evening with local bamboo music band

All field trips are concluded with a presentation slideshow with pictures and videos of the entire Shark Guardian Eco Field Trip and a full debrief report prepared by the students.


- 5 Day packages

- 7 Day packages

- Custom packages can also be arranged for schools running eco tours with specific schedules and goals in mind.


Please email   for more information, schedules and quotations.

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