First Shark Guardian presentation of Bangkok 2013 tour kicks off


Shark Guardian is currently in Bangkok on our 10 international school tour while in Thailand. Today we kicked off with our new 2013 version of the Shark Guardian presentation about sharks and conservation at the Thai-Chinese International School. The presentation was also joined by another group of students from Wells International School.

We had a great reception and the students and teachers really enjoyed the amazing images and exciting video clips about sharks. The presentation covered information regarding the role of sharks in the marine Eco-system, shark misconceptions, interesting shark facts and different species, sharks in danger, shark conservation and finally how to get involved and help sharks.

Shark Guardian would very much like to thank Jalal from the Thai-Chinese International School for helping to organize this event. We also want to thank both the Thai-Chinese School and Wells International School for their support and generous donation for future Shark Guardian projects.

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