Shark Guardian Fundraising Options

Fundraising is a great way to have loads of fun and contribute to conservation at the same time. It can provide a great sense of achievement by getting all your friends, family, co-workers, club members and supporters involved in contributing to shark conservation. In addition to this, a fundraising event can help raise the profile of your club or organization and your cause within the local community. Please contact us for any fundraiser you would like to organize for Shark Guardian. Your fundraiser activities, reports and photos will be published and press released.

Here is our TOP 10 fundraising ideas just to get you started…

You can also download these by clicking on this link: Top 10 Shark Guardian Fundraisers

ONE: Shark Guardian Raffle Sale

Shark Guardian Fundraising

Come up with a first and second place prize to promote the raffle. Keep the raffle price low to generate higher sales at about $2.00 – $5.00 per raffle. As a suggestion, promote Shark Guardian t-shirts as a first place prize and a cap as the second place prize (Shark Guardian will donate these to you). Or try contacting local businesses for a meal or gift vouchers. Sell as many raffle tickets as you can over a set period of time (1-3 months). Once the raffle is complete and winners have been chosen, send Shark Guardian your pictures for a press release to promote the event afterwards. Download the Shark Guardian Raffle Template and start your Raffle for Sharks!

TWO: Action Shark Challenge

Dodge Ball for SharksThis is a fundraiser that you will never forget. Action packed events is a fantastic way to get people together for a good cause. You can do this anywhere, anytime, with any sport or activity you want. Charge a small participation fee and create your own rules for the event and have a great time. Action ideas include: Dodge ball, basket ball shots, kick at goal with goal keeper, rugby goal kicks, paint ball competition, darts, pin a shark fin, bowling competition, bulls eye shooting, swimming race with or without fins on your hands, beach race with fins on, bag race or a volleyball match.

THREE: Sharkathon Run, Swim, or Cycle

Raise money for shark conservation and keep in shape at the same time – how cool is that? The next time you participate in a sporting event, start a sponsor campaign to raise funds for Shark Guardian. Reach out to friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your sporting participation for the benefit of raising awareness of shark conservation and boosting your sporting motivation and performance.

Finathon event in 2012. From Sportdiver

Finathon event in 2012. From Sportdiver Magazine

FOUR: Shark Candle Sale

Shark Guardian Shark CandleEverybody loves candles! So imagine how many people would really like to have shark shaped candles? Do some research of your local candle shops to find if they have any shark shaped candles. You might be surprised by the variety of candles that have an underwater or ocean based theme. if you cannot find any shark candles, you could contact companies that could help design you your own special shark candle for your fundraiser. If possible try and have a variety of shark species candles available. A good time to start this fundraiser is close to a friends birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or certain days of celebration. Use social media and make sure your buyers know the sale is a fundraiser for shark conservation to boost your sales.

FIVE: Shark Art Wall with style

Great Shark Wall Art

Great Shark Wall Art

Get out the paint brushes, rollers or paint ball guns and get creative with art for sharks. What  better way to raise awareness and funds by giving people an opportunity to decorate a section of wall or an entire building block section with sharks. Get permission from a school, office block, gym, orphanage, shelter or sport center to host a fundraiser for Shark Guardian by having volunteers pay to paint a part of their wall with shark art. It will be loads of fun and raise awareness at the same time. Agree on a design from the hosting building or wall owners. Advertise and invite artists and get your friends involved. Alternatively you could get people to paint individual bricks and build a wall from them as a construction project.

SIX: Car/Bike Wash for Sharks

Car Wash for Sharks

Everybody wants a good looking clean car or motor bike. Round up friends for a Car Wash for Sharks fundraiser every weekend over a month. Promote it with your family, school teachers, co-workers and all your friends in advance with posters, emails and social media. Not only do car and bike owners get a great clean, they also know the money is going towards shark conservation. You could do it from your home or get permission from a school, garage or shopping center to use their parking area for the wash event.

SEVEN: Garage or Yard Sale / Auction for Shark Conservation

Yard sale for sharks

Time for a wardrobe clean out, change of furniture or redecorating? Then it is a great opportunity for a garage sale or auction as a fundraiser. Contact all your friends and family to donate any second hand items to you for your sale or auction. Make sure that everyone knows that it is a fundraiser event for shark conservation where some or all the money raised will be donated to Shark Guardian. Schools, clubs or from your own garage make a good location. This will also work best if you combine it with one of the above mentioned fundraiser ideas such as the Action Shark Challenge or Sharkathon fundraiser. Public outdoor markets are also an excellent location as it raises interest for shark conservation and awareness at the same time.

EIGHT: Shark Quiz Night

Quiz night for Sharks


The actual quiz does not have to be about sharks unless you really want it to. A quiz night is fun for the whole family to get involved. Charge all participants a small fee to join that will cover a prize for the winning team and raise funds for Shark Guardian. Have at least 4-5 topics for the quiz such as general Knowledge, sports, movies, music, history or nature. If you would like the quiz to have a shark theme, go to our 100 Awesome Shark Facts page to gather questions and produce your shark quiz.

NINE: BBQ, Pizza Slice, Cake Bake, Cookies, Ice Cream or Candy Sale



This is something that is great to run alongside other ongoing events or fundraiser activities. During the Shark Action Challenge, Sharkathon or Shark Car Wash have foods and refreshments available that help generate extra funds for Shark Guardian conservation projects. Alternatively you could bake your own cookies and do a door to door campaign, Ice cream sale on the beach or organize a BBQ get-together with friends and family while running a movie or a Shark Quiz fundraiser.

TEN: Dress Up Party / Fashion Show for Fundraising

Shark Fashion Show or Dress up Party

Shark Fashion Show or Dress up Party for Shark Conservation!

Organize a dress up party or fashion show for raising funds and awareness. Have an underwater theme for yours, or a friends next birthday bash and have everyone attending be creative with their outfits. To raise funds, have a donations bucket and inform your guest whoever is best dressed, will win a 1st or 2nd place prize.  Money raised will be donated to Shark Guardian. If it is a fashion show create an entrance fee. Take pictures and send them to Shark Guardian for a press release to inspire others to do the same. This would be a good time to have Pizza Slice fundraiser running at the same time. Enjoy!

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