Jubliee Primary School in Nottingham goes mad for Shark Guardian!

On Tuesday 14th January 2014 Shark Guardian returned to a school in Bilborough, Nottingham. Some children saw the shark and marine presentation two years ago and remembered important information when tested. The younger children were equally as enthusiastic seeing Shark Guardian for the first time. There was even more excitement from the pupils as Liz and Brendon visited different classrooms to talk more about sharks.

Jubilee Primary School, Bilborough, Nottingham

Jubilee Primary School, Bilborough, Nottingham

More than 400 pupils enjoy the Shark Guardian presentation

A school hall full of more than 400 pupils and some teachers really enjoyed their dose of shark education this week in Nottingham, UK. Brendon and Liz have so far visited 5 schools since the start of December 2013. With 2 more this week and 1 more in their final week, this is more than 1,500 people seeing Shark Guardian so far during their UK time. Jubilee primary school was extremely happy to have Shark Guardian back after a successful visit 2 years ago. After that presentation, some of the younger children created posters and banners and did a march in the school playground, protesting about killing sharks for shark fin soup!

Classroom studies and questions for Year 2 and 5

The school hall was full with more than 400 pupils at Jubilee Primary school!

The school hall was full with more than 400 pupils at Jubilee Primary school!

At the end of the main presentation pupils gave some suggestions of how they could help sharks. Pupils said things like ‘tell friends and family’ and ‘tell people to stop killing sharks’. Then Liz went to a lower year classroom as Brendon visited Year 5. Liz talked about her shark encounters and went through some marine diving signs with the pupils. They were also really excited to tell Liz all about their favourite sharks with many now liking the Angel shark which was discussed in the presentation. Afterwards students completed a worksheet to write down 3 important learning facts from the day.

Brendon discussed shark anatomy with the Year 5’s, leaving a worksheet at the end for further learning. The children were very excited to ask Brendon about his shark experiences, whether he has been bitten or attacked by a shark and more about his time working as a researcher with great whites in South Africa.

More Shark education in the future for Jubilee Primary

With another great response on the 14th, Shark Guardian looks forward to returning to Jubilee in the future. We now look forward to seeing results from the poster competition at the school.

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