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Fun and cool shark resources for kids


Origami Shark Guardian

Easy-origami-instructions-White SharkMake your own model shark just from paper!  Use different colored paper if possible and remember, the paper you use to make the shark must be perfectly square. Be an Origami Shark Guardian! Click on the shark image to download your Origami Shark instructions or DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS HERE


 Shark Can

sharkRecycle your aluminum cans by making an awesome looking shark model! use up to 3 cans to build your Shark Guardian Can! Click on the image or DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS HERE that contains the outlines you need to cut out from the can to build your shark.

Safety Precautions

This plan is presented with the understanding that persons using it to construct the project, performs it safely. Shark Guardian, Tesscar Aluminum Craft and Fiddlersgreen do not assume responsibility for injury incurred by persons who perform the cutting and trimming necessary to construct the project.

THIS SHARK IS NOT A TOY. As a safety precaution, we recommend it not be played with by children due to very sharp edges. Some of the construction procedures will require you to wear gloves, due to sharp edges. Cotton gloves can be used. Protective eyewear should be worn during cutting and trimming the aluminum.

FINconceivable Documentary

FINconceivable is an animated documentary short about the importance of sharks to our delicate ocean ecosystem, and the unraveling of that ecosystem caused by the cruel practice of shark finning. In early research into the trophic cascade, Lily Williams realized there needed to be a more accessible visual representation on the importance of sharks as a keystone species. That initial exploration led Lily to her tryptic of infographics entitled,  “What Happens When Sharks Disappear?“. These images were featured a few times on Ocean Defender Hawaii. Those initial info graphics were viewed by millions across the whole world. From that, Lily’s thesis film (from California College of the Arts), FINconceivable, was born.

After many hours of research, writing, rewriting, designing, and painting, FINconceivable has been realized in the kid friendly, easily digestible form of an animated documentary short.

FINconceivable from Lily Williams on Vimeo.


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