Meet the Shark Guardian Team

Shark Guardian Founders and Operational Directors

Bren & LizBrendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing are the Directors of Shark Guardian. They manage all Shark Guardian events, activities and projects worldwide on a full time basis. Shark Guardian is a UK Charity, however Brendon and Liz are based in Thailand as many projects and educational programs are operational within Asia. Both Brendon and Liz are experienced scuba diving instructors. Brendon has the highest qualification in both recreational and technical scuba diving and experience in shark research. Liz is also a fully qualified Physiotherapist with a great passion for sharks and conservation. Brendon and Liz together created Shark Guardian, the Shark Guardian presentations, initiated many Shark Guardian conservation and research projects.

Shark Guardian UK Charity Trustees

TrusteesShark Guardian has 3 acting Charity Trustees on board with diverse backgrounds in business, education and in some cases diving. One thing they all have in common however, is a great passion for shark and marine conservation.

  • Emma Fowler (Diver and Business owner in corporate development)
  • Keri Flood (Diver and Clinical Specialist for a Cardiology company)
  • Paul Ward Retired Assistant Head teacher and former Head of Science)

Shark Guardian affiliated Researchers and Scientists

We are very happy to have 2 researchers onboard with Shark Guardian that we are closely linked with. They are both called Christine (which can sometimes be a little confusing). Researchers and scientists are vital for collecting information and data about sharks for the purposes of conservation. Through these projects we hope to achieve a greater understanding about certain species of sharks and enable us to better protect them. Shark Guardian presentations and educational programs are always updated with the most recent research and developments regarding sharks world wide.


Christine Ward-Paige is a researcher based in Canada and had developed the data base for the Shark Guardian Thailand eShark Project. Christine examines the effect of human activities on the marine environment, evaluates the success of conservation strategies and identifies the need for improved management initiatives.


Dr. Christine Dudgeon  is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland. She is the top researcher of Zebra (a.k.a Leopard) sharks in her field. Christine launched the ‘Spot The Leopard Shark‘ program in 2013 in Thailand.


 Shark Guardian Contributors

Slide08Shark Guardian has been very lucky to have had a great deal of support from many different contributors in the conservation, media and diving industries among many others. At Shark Guardian one of our largest projects is giving educational presentations about sharks and marine life. In doing so we have relied on many different people and organizations for their media and material support. We work and communicate closely with our contributors and would like to recognize them here.

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