January – June 2012 – Shark Guardian Presents on Bunaken Island, Manado, Indonesia

Shark Guardian presentations are being shown weekly at the Two Fish Divers dive resort on Bunaken Island, Manado, Indonesia. Shark Guardian Leadership training as well as specialized shark diving courses are being also been organized on a continuing basis. For more information on this location please see www.twofishdivers.com 

January 2012 – Shark Guardian takes another bite at UK schools

Shark guardian finished it’s successful UK tour with more presentations in December and early January. Again with the help of a friend, Liz delivered to nearly 200 pupils at South Notts academy where the enthusiasm and feedback was overwhelming. A week later 2 more sessions to year 11 pupils at Friesland School fit in well with their studies on food chains and ecosystems and the teacher who organized the event, thanks to Liz’s cousin being a pupil there, was very keen to get Shark Guardian back on a regular basis. We will most certainly return when we’re back in the UK at some point.
Finally in the 2nd week of January after Brendon had joined Liz in the UK we were honored to present at Ilkeston Rotary club. The club was amazed at the information we presented and we hope to keep a close relationship with them since they have links worldwide. We thank the club once more for their fabulous hospitality. A few days later we rounded things off at Liz’s sister-in-laws school, Highwood Player Junior and Infant schools. Liz and Brendon first presented to the 7 to 11 year old juniors who found the presentation fit great with their studies on environments. The children and teachers received all the information brilliantly, asking lots of questions and loving the Great White Shark song we concluded with! Then the infants ranging from 3 and a half to 6 years were a delight to present to, meaning nearly 300 more children have again joined the Shark Guardian campaign. Again a special Thanks goes to Laura for organizing these and for her follow up work with the infants. This is the 1st time the presentation has resulted in a full scale playground demonstration complete with chanting and placards!! The follow up posters and pictures we were given the next day were simply amazing and shows that even at such a young age, children do retain considerable detail and this reinforces our mission to educate the next generation since they can take action and make things happen.
Shark Guardian has enjoyed the UK presentations immensely and Liz is embracing her role as Shark Lady alongside the original Shark Guardian himself. We will, for sure, be back…..

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