Shark Guardian inspires shark conservation at Ansdell Primary School in the UK

Ansdell Primary School

Ansdell Primary School – UK

On Monday the 16th December 2013 Brendon and Liz (Shark Guardian Directors) visited the Ansdell Primary School in Lancashire. About 60 very enthusiastic and excited students were there to learn more about sharks and how amazing they are.

UK Shark Guardian School Tour

Ansdell is the 4th UK school that we have presented to since arriving in the UK in November 2013. We will visit another UK school before the Christmas holidays called De Lisle Catholic College. We had such a great time visiting Ansdell Primary School. When we got there the students were super excited to see us. There was a good atmosphere with the school breaking up soon for the Christmas holidays just around the corner. This did not affect the outcome and interest the kids showed during our presentation.

Shark Facts and UK Relevance

Always a favourite in the Shark Guardian presentation

Always a favourite in the Shark Guardian presentation

During the Shark Guardian presentation we try and share as much information about shark as possible. In the UK we wanted to also make sharks relevant and make people in the UK aware of their importance. One way of doing this is to educate people that there are many species of sharks around the UK, some even endangered. The Basking shark is of course one of the most popular sharks that can be seen in the UK and has become a world renowned Basking shark eco-tourism activity. We wanted to promote this and get students interested and excited about possibly seeing sharks in their next summer!

For more information about Basking Shark encounters in the UK please visit Basking Shark Scotland




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