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Conservation, Education, Research and Expeditions are the four operational arms of Shark Guardian founded by professional divers, shark researchers and conservationists. Building on our education projects, we are very proud to now offer this program to anyone who is interested to learn more about sharks and get immediately active in shark research and conservation.


The Shark Guardian Diver program refers to ‘Diver’ as either snorkelers, freedivers or scuba divers. Anyone can participate and complete the Shark Guardian Diver program while doing any one of these activities. The Shark Guardian Diver program may be combined with any scuba diving, free diving or snorkeling course. Additionally, anyone participating in scuba diving, free diving or snorkeling recreationally can complete the Shark Guardian Diver program at the same time.

Shark Guardian Dive Leaders in Action

Shark Guardian Dive Leaders in Action

Only Shark Guardian Dive Centers and Shark Guardian Dive Leaders can offer and conduct the program. The Shark Guardian Diver is not a dive certification and therefore participants do not receive a diver certification card. However participants do receive a certificate of completion once they have fully completed the program.

Visit our Shark Guardian Dive Center Page to see where you can take the Shark Guardian Diver Program. 

Program Structure

To complete the program and to receive the certificate of completion, participants must complete all 3 sections of the Shark Guardian Diver program. The 3 sections of the program are:

1. EDUCATION: Here participants will learn:

  1. About Shark Guardian UK Charity worldwide projects
  2. Interesting shark facts
  3. The role sharks play in the marine ecosystem
  4. Dispelling shark myths and learning the truth behind shark attacks
  5. Basic shark biology and anatomy
  6. How to dive with sharks using specific codes of conduct
  7. Interesting facts and information about sharks in the local area (if applicable)
  8. Shark research and citizen science projects available
  9. Sharks in Danger
  10. How to get more involved with and support Shark Guardian

2.ACTIVITY: By observing sharks and/or other marine life and recording information for the eShark data base, participants will be more aware of:

  1. Depth of and geographical layout of the reef or activity site
  2. Water temperature changes
  3. Different sharks, rays, turtles,whales, dolphins, seals, sea horse and jelly fish species observed during the activity
  4. Marine debris, garbage and pollution observed during the activity
  5. Natural or human induced threats to marine life in the activity locations (coral bleaching, discarded fishing nets, coastal development, extreme boat traffic etc..)

3.RESEARCH: Record your observations to the eOceans/eShark database. You may also contribute data to alternative conservation and research projects currently taking place in your local area.

The eOceans/eShark database is used to implement strategies to create or strengthen marine protected areas as well as to create a plan of action to protect sharks, other marine populations and their habitats that may be under threat. The information and data collected by participants is vital to achieve this. Information is used and shared with local and international projects involving governments and environmental organizations. You will notice that the eShark data is not only for sharks, but a variety of species to facilitate a number of conservation projects in various areas around the world.

Program Conduct Options

  1. Conduct concurrently with a snorkeling, freediving or scuba diving training course
  2. Conduct during a snorkeling, freediving or scuba diving recreational activity
  3. Conducted as a stand alone program while snorkeling, freediving or scuba diving


Options as a community outreach tool

The Shark Guardian Diver Program may be used as a community outreach tool or part of other courses and programs. Here are some suggestions:

  • Present information about sharks and marine conservation to a local community or school while offering a fun and rewarding activity at the same time.
  • Recruit other dive professionals to assist and/or supervise the ACTIVITY section of the Shark Guardian Diver Program.
  • Invite other divers and non-divers to participate in the EDUCATION section of the Shark Guardian Diver Program.
  • Demonstrate how it is possible for anyone to get involved with shark conservation, citizen science and research.
  • Offer opportunities to get more involved with Shark Guardian educational programs, conservation projects and shark expeditions.
  • Combine the Shark Guardian Diver Program with other programs and activities such as Trash Hero, during a beach and/or underwater clean up, reef restorations, bio surveys, Reef Check Surveys, Green Fins activities, Project AWARE programs etc.

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