Shark Guardian July-August 2012 Update!

Firstly, Liz and I would like to say a great big “Thank You” for all your support, subscriptions and Facebook “Likes” during this July. Our members list has really grown and we are so happy that there are people out there supporting sharks and conservation! Please remember that the more the better so get your friends, co-workers and family all involved with us!

I hope you will find this month’s update informative and useful. Topics include:

  1. Great White Sharks may be in serious trouble in Australia
  2. Sign petition to help ban shark finning and trade in New Zealand
  3. Cape Nanaveral Deep Sea Fishing photo on Facebook – Share your comments!
  4. China – No more shark fins at government functions
  5. Support Shark fin ban in Richmond

Read below for full details….

1. Great White Sharks may be in serious trouble in Australia

Unfortunately this month has not been good for sharks as there has been large discussions regarding their protective status. This has come under investigation following recent shark attacks in Australia once again. The Great White shark one of only 3 sharks that is internationally protected. More than 100 Million sharks are killed each year for their fins, while on average only 5-6 people are killed each year by sharks around the world. However this year there has been an unusual amount of shark attacks in Australia.

In response to the situation in Western Australia and the fact that the Minister Of Fisheries, Norman Moore is still considering getting the white shark’s protected status lifted in order to conduct a cull. Culling is the act of Shark hunting to remove sharks from an area and is in our opinion rather barbaric. Hundreds of Great White sharks had been killed through culling in the past around the coast of Australia.

We have adapted a letter to send on behalf of all those passionate about shark conservation. Please take time to review our shared letter and if you feel as strongly as us, send this letter with your signature to add your voice and weight to this campaign. Your signature and voice count and we are hugely grateful of all support to stop this from happening.

Download the Letter to Ministry of Fisheries – W.Australia – sign and send to:

The Ministry of Fisheries,
4th Floor, London House,
216 St Georges Terrace,

2. Prime Minister John Key and the New Zealand Government : Stop shark finning in New Zealand waters and ban the trade of all shark fin products. SIGN PETITION!

Shark fin Products
A costly delicacy – While most sharks caught in the New Zealand fisheries are taken for their meat, some are taken for their fins alone, which command high prices for shark fin soup. But the cost to the shark is its life.

All of the four main fins on a shark – pectoral, dorsal, anal and tail – are used for soup making. The fins are cut from the shark, trimmed to remove any flesh, and dried. Much of the dried product is exported to overseas markets and contributes to the ongoing worldwide demand.

New Zealand and Shark finning
Finning live sharks is illegal in New Zealand under the Animal Welfare Act, however it is legal to fin a dead shark. This finning usually takes place out at sea where the less valuable carcass can be discarded. It has been reported that illegal finning of live sharks is occuring in New Zealand waters (see the video above).

Show your support by signing this petition to: Stop shark finning in New Zealand waters and ban the trade of all shark fin products.

How can society tolerate such greed and waste?

3. Miss Cape Canaveral – Deep Sea Fishing – Photo stir uproar from shark conservationists


This photo was “proudly” posted on the Miss Cape Canaveral Facebook page. So far there has been a great deal of comment made by the general public regarding the practice of shark fishing and hunting. This is the link to the Facebook photo where you can read comments made and feel free to share your own….

4. No more shark fins at government receptions!

Beijing (AsiaNews) – China’s Government Offices Administration of the State Council (GOASC) is to issue guidelines to ban serving shark fins at official receptions, instructing all levels of government agencies to stop serving the delicacy. Environmental groups are elated by the news because shark fishing has put some species at risk of extinction.

According to wild animal conservation organisation WildAid, at least 70 million sharks are slain annually for their fins. This has put at least 17 per cent of known species on the verge of extinction. Mainland China and Hong Kong are among the biggest importers of shark fin for years.

However, there is a catch. The new rules will come out within one to three years. For many animal rights groups, that is not good enough.

“Banning shark fin will take the State Council three years to decide?” asked one online commentator. “That’s why it’ll take another 300 years for China to launch democratic reform”.

“Does the State Council mean public servants should spare no effort to eat shark fin within the coming three years, as their opportunities to eat it with public funds will be ended?” wondered another Web user.

The new government rules are not limited to shark fins but are aimed at the 200 billion yuan (US$ 31 billion) spent on meals by bureaucrats each year, enough to build another Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydroelectric plant in the world (600 sq km).

This is part of the Chinese government’s effort at cutting expenditures, bloated by runaway bureaucratic costs. For example, back in March, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao called for an end to public funds to buy cigarettes and expensive alcoholic beverages. (WZC)

5. Support Shark fin ban in Richmond!

If you have not written a letter to the editor in support of a shark fin ban in Richmond PLEASE DO. They are facing extreme pressure from business owners right now and they need to hear support from us! Councillor Kerry Jang of Vancouver told me that the most important thing we can do right now to help get this ban put in place is to support Richmond!

Let’s get some pro-shark pieces in the Richmond papers!!

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