This is how a better future starts!

It is said that children are the future and in this case Oliver Lok proves this to be true! Oliver is a young student at Renaissance College in Hong Kong. Because of his love for sharks he initiated a ‘Stop shark finning’ exhibition and a bake sale in order to collect funds to support foundations like Shark Guardian.oliver3

Hong Kong and shark fins

Hong Kong is notorious for its shark finning and is often called the shark trade capital of the world. Approximately half of the worlds shark fin exports goes through Hong Kong. One of the main reasons for this is that shark fin soup is a real delicacy in Hong Kong. However, slowly more and more people and (transportation) companies are becoming aware that shark finning is cruel and that it has to stop. And this is exactly what Oliver wants to achieve.

Students get active for sharks with exhibition

With his exhibition he wanted to help raise awareness in Hong Kong and especially amongst his fellow students and their families. He worked together with Shark Guardian in order to collect the right information for his exhibition. Afterwards Oliver e-mailed the following: ‘’I got a lot of people to stop eating shark fin soup and got them to tell their family and friends to stop eating it too in the exhibition.’’

We from Shark Guardian are very proud of Oliver and want to thank him with all of our hearts! Initiatives like this, no matter how big or small, are really helping. Therefore, we can only hope and encourage more children, students, dive centers, companies and so on to help raising awareness in order to stop shark finning and save our sharks!

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