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How do we know that we are making a difference?

Here you will find some testimonials and feed back from people all around the world including teachers from national and international schools, parents, school students and many others people from the general public and people we have left a positive impression on. These testimonials have come after a Shark Guardian educational program or activity. If you would like to contribute a testimonial please contact us. Any feed back is greatly appreciated!


Students from Harrow International School in Bangkok sing a version of ‘We will Rock you’ for shark conservation – inspired by Shark Guardian

I have taught this topic for 5 years now, and I find it always gets a huge response from the children. This year however the children have been incredibly passionate and motivated to do something to help. I feel the visit from Shark Guardian made the subject much more real, and the knowledge they gained about sharks from your presentation was invaluable. We felt the content and delivery was fantastic – at a perfect pitch for our pupils, and the adults! You have really inspired a whole year of children, they still talk about it now and the comments we’ve had from parents show they are also talking about it at home! Thank you so much for coming to see us, it added so much to our topic and the children learnt a lot.

Testimonial by Hayley Dilger, Arno Vale Junior School, Nottingham, UK

Video Slideshow of students Shark Guardian presented to in the UK from December 2013 to January 2014

IMG_6544I just wanted to send you a quick note to say a huge thank you so much for coming to Shrewsbury yesterday and for delivering 3 back to back Shark Guardian presentations brilliantly! This was a ‘first’ for the Junior School and I have had lots and lots of positive feedback from teachers and students alike, all the way from year 2 through to year 6. The presentations were pitched really carefully for the children and it was lovely to see such concentration and fascination from the audience. Thank you again for your energy and commitment to the day you spent here.

Testimonial by Melanie Fidge, teacher at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok, Thailand

 Shark Guardian visited us at the beginning of the year and I was skeptical as to how the children would respond. Initially it seemed like a long time for year 4 children to sit and listen to a presentation on any subject but with their fast paced audio-visual presentation, the children were enthralled from the start. They seem to have a natural fascination with sharks and as it turned out, a fairly substantial amount of prior knowledge. the facts and statistics about sharks stuck with the children and this was obvious in class discussions after the presentation. The children were keen to get involved and take action. Many of them had eaten, or at least knew about shark fin soup and they were appalled to learn about the impact that the trade in this product was having on the eco-system. They composed songs, made posters and spread the word with their friends and families largely, due to our squashed curriculum, in their own time. Not only did the children receive a valuable lesson in conservation, animal rights and protection, ecology, biology, the economics of trade, supply and demand, and environmental issues, but the staff too were equally enthused by the information and developed their own understanding of the issues. As a teacher, i genuinely believe that an issue such as this is incredibly valuable for educators as a peg on which to hang a variety of diverse learning opportunities for children and would wholeheartedly encourage other teachers to invite Liz and Brendon in to their schools.

Testimonial by Andrew Glenville, former teacher from St. Stephens International School, Thailand

shark gAs an English teacher, I found the topic of shark finning, presented by the Shark Guardians, a very useful spring board for many of my lessons. I used the topic to explore many different types of persuasive writing skills; students wrote and performed persuasive speeches on the topic, they created anti-finning posters, they made leaflets promoting the prevention of shark finning and they made a persuasive media advert on the topic. The media adverts were then entered for the Shark Guardian competition.

It was a great way for them to learn about animal rights whilst simultaneously improving many of their English skills. The students became very passionate about the topic and they spent a great deal of time and effort on their different persuasive methods.

At the end of the year I asked the students what they had most enjoyed this year in English and many responded that they had enjoyed this topic the most and felt most proud of the work they had produced on this subject.

Testimonial by Jennifer Flounders, Teacher at St. Stephens International School, Bangkok

presentation_shark01.26.5.14Liz and Brendon  shared their passion, experience and knowledge about sharks to both the K05 and Y7 students, promoting conservation and raising the awareness that majority (97%) of shark species are not harmful to people. In fact it is vital for us to protect sharks as they are on top of our food chain and ensure the delicate ecosystem of our oceans remains healthy and supportive to mankind.

Testimonial by Ida Griffiths Zee, Librarian, Senior Library and Information Resource Center, German Swiss International School, Hong Kong

You recently visited the school to talk to the children about sharks. My daughter Hannah was very interested in your presentation and has been telling us lots and lots and lots more facts about sharks. Hannah recently watched an episode of ‘how to be epic @ everything’ on CBBC which featured an item on ‘how to survive a shark attack’. She was upset about the bad image of the shark and so decided to write to CBBC. I hope reading Hannah’s letter encourages you to continue your work and in particular your visits to schools to talk to children about sharks. I think it is a great way to educate and promote environmental awareness in children. Read Hannah’s letter to CBBC

Testimonial by Mrs Helen Greensmith – Daughter goes to Arno Vale Junior School, UK

Students from the St. Stephens International School in Bangkok perform a song for Shark Guardian to show what they learnt about sharks.

HeadStart students and teachers were really excited about the visit of Shark Guardian.  We had presentations and workshops for students in Key Stage 2 and 3.  Our younger students actually felt sorry that they didn’t get a chance to hear what Shark Guardian had to say!  Parents from all age groups came back saying that their child had repeated all these amazing facts about sharks.  The one that states ‘toasters kill more people every year than sharks attack people’ was definitely the most popular one.  After the event we organized a little booth in front of the school.  T-shirts and wristbands sold really quickly and we had to place additional orders.  The house committee organized a poster competition a couple of weeks later and it was amazing to see how much they remembered.   Next time around we definitely hope they can also do a presentation to our younger students. We can’t wait for another visit!

Mrs. Els Bellon, Head of Primary – Headstart International School, Phuket, Thailand

Liz from Shark Guardians visited our school this year and I was super impressed with her presentation as she gradually introduced facts and topic in a very accessible way.  By the end you couldn’t help but know and remember some amazing facts and have empathy with sharks, who most of us started out fearing!  This talk backed up our topic about Human Impact on the environment, but would equally inform many study areas – the environment, ethics, food webs, literacy explanations and non-chronological reports, debating and much more.   Thank you Liz for a very inspiring presentation.

Eunice Parker – Year 6 Class Teacher, Bangkok Patana British International School

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