Thailand eShark Project – Starting Soon!

Your action will help gather useful information, raise awareness and determine the best method for the recovery and protection of shark populations

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Largest citizen science project of its kind to take place in Thailand for 6 months – Thailand eShark Project

eShark provides a simple way for divers and snorkelers to report the sharks, rays and sawfish they see, and don’t see, in a way that is used to assess and monitor populations, communities and ecosystems. Most importantly these data are used to assess the need for, and success of marine management initiatives, including sanctuaries.

Who can help and contribute?

Brendon and LizANYONE that has ever dived or snorkeled in the ocean! All ocean going divers (professionals, recreational, and tourists) are candidates for this survey. The on-line surveys should be filled out after each dive you make. We call this ‘Citizen Science’

The Thailand eShark Project aims to evaluate how shark and ray populations have changed through time in Thai waters. eShark uses scuba diver’s observations to census shark populations around the world. Scuba divers possess valuable information because they census areas that fishers don’t- like coral reefs, seagrass beds, and pinnacles. Divers are also extremely valuable for monitoring no-take zones and Marine Protected Areas- where fishing is prohibited.

It’s simple, easy and fun to take part!

Step 1: Dive, snorkel and explore the reefs of Thailand
Step 2: Report your shark observations to the eShark database, even if no sharks were observed!
Step 3: If possible, report all your past Thailand dive logs into the eShark database including your shark observations

Additional Tips For Divers and Dive professionals:

  • Download the Thailand eShark Project Dive Log Sheet
  • After the dive or snorkel, fill in the eShark Log sheet
  • Each dive group can record one data entry for each dive
  • If possible please include GPS co-ordinates for the dive sites visited
  • When you return from diving or snorkeling, report your shark observations to the eShark database. Or keep the log sheets and enter them later
  • REMEMBER: No shark sightings are just as vital to record!

Why are the zero’s so important?

The zero’s are important for any scientific survey – it is the only way Sighting Frequency can be calculated. Also, the zero’s are extremely important for examining the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas or fishing regulations. For example, if divers report zero’s in an area for 10 years, and then a no-take area is established, then we can start to determine if, and how long it takes for sharks to respond to the protection.

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