The second day of Shark Guardian in Bangkok 2013

It was another awesome day for us in Bangkok yesterday starting at Patana International school. It was really nice meeting Helen Thew, Assistant Principal Student Welfare and a diving enthusiast, again as we visited Patana 2 years ago. We presented to all the year 7’s and 8’s so a total of about 160 children, in an amazing auditorium which did our sound and videos the most justice.

Brendon answering question

The children were really enthusiatic about our competiton which we are offerring to all the children over the next few weeks so we are excited to see what they come up with to persuade firends and family not to eat shark fin soup.

Best statement after the presentation? People are stupid!! Quite right, but maybe the lack of good education is the main factor, which is why that’s what we focus on at Shark Guardian.

On to Harrow for lunch and another meeting with Mike Williams, again someone we have met a few times in the past. We presented to 3 classes of year 2 with a basic version of our presentation and then had break off classes so the children could ask questions. The children loved hearing about our experiences diving with sharks and by the end at least 90% had been converted to no longer be scared of sharks and wanting to learn how to dive with them. Avid divers of the future we hope!!  Harrow

Mike pointed out to the children that unless we work hard to help and protect sharks RIGHT NOW then the chance of them seeing a shark in Thailand waters was very slim, talking about his own recent diving experineces. With this in mind the next plan for Harrow is to send a survey to all parents and students to find out the level of shark fin consumption, then a camapign to get people to sign a pledge not to eat the soup, in line with our competition, and hopefully a fin free Harrow!!

We look forward to seeing the results of our presentations in the ideas coming through with the competiton entries.




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