The Shark Guardian Presentation

The Shark Guardian presentation is an interesting and educational event for all age groups.  Using a variety of multimedia slides and videos, not only does the presentation educate the audience about sharks, but also about their role in the food chain of the ocean, their importance and why they are needed for our survival. The presentation provides information and facts regarding the modern day plight of shark populations throughout the world and is aimed towards shark conservation and action through education and awareness.

Shark Guardian Presentation topics include:

  • Misperceptions and fears of Sharks
  • Sharks and media
  • Shark Evolution
  • Shark biology
  • Introduction to different species of sharks
  • Interesting shark facts
  • The role of sharks in the marine ecosystem as apex predators
  • Threats to sharks
  • Shark conservation
  • How to get involved and make a difference

Shark Guardian is dedicated full time to shark conservation and educational projects worldwide. Additionally we also use a tailored version of the Shark Guardian Presentation for:

  • Shark conservation presentations
  • Environmental conferences
  • Government conferences
  • Educational shark courses – diving and non-diving
  • School Eco-Field trips and educational topics

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