Use eShark Now

eShark and eOceans can be used by:
Snorkelers – Scuba Divers – Paddle Boarders – Beach Walkers – Fishermen



Step 1: Go to the eShark data base by clicking on the logo at the top of this page. Bookmark that page afterwards

Step 2: Follow the instructions pages 1-3. Log and report your shark, ray, turtle, dolphin, whale, seahorse and marine debris observations as requested

IMPORTANT: Even if you do not observe anything mentioned above, the data is still very valuable for the database

Step 3: If possible, report all your past dive logs into the eShark database

Step 4: Ask the two people that you consider to be most experienced in your area to contribute their observations as well for the eOceans Survey

The data gathered will be analyzed and written up for peer-reviewed publication in the spring-summer of 2016.

eShark Dive and Snorkel Data Collection Sheet

To assist with dive and snorkel centers with multiple guests taking part in these activities, we have developed a eShark Dive and Snorkel that you may download from our eShark Resource page. This sheet will be useful to collect the data we need for eShark, but should also include the information you would like to record for that specific activity. One data recording can be applied to group of divers or snorkelers.

Why are the zero’s so important?

The zero’s are important for any scientific survey – it is the only way Sighting Frequency can be calculated. Also, the zero’s are extremely important for examining the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas or fishing regulations. For example, if divers report zero’s in an area for 10 years, and then a no-take area is established, then we can start to determine if, and how long it takes for sharks to respond to the protection.

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