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Professional Scuba Diver, Underwater Photographer and conservationist

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Originally from Chicago, USA Adam has always been inspired and drawn to the sea.

“Ever since my first breath underwater during a summer program at 16 I knew I wanted to spend my life with the ocean.”

Life had other plans and steered him towards a career in Photography, assisting brands in the resort and travel sector to create content for their marketing and promotion. A dream job of traveling and working in some of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world… but something was missing.


It wasn’t until 15 years later in 2010 when Adam finally decided to take the plunge (sorry for the pun), put everything on hold and start down his path as a dive professional which eventually landed him in Koh Tao, Thailand. This is where he decided to fuse his 2 passions together and pursue a career as full time underwater cameraman and SCUBA Instructor. After working with dive centers and resorts filming and photographing divers, marine life and teaching others his passion for photography, he realized there was a bigger calling and he could use his images to drive awareness to conservation issues effecting the oceans. 


“In the years I spent working in and around the sea I became more and more aware of the importance it plays on the entire ecosystem, the detrimental effects of human waste and unsustainable fishing practices and it’s fragility. Attending presentations and doing research on conservation issues effecting the coral reefs, single use plastics and the decline of fisheries opened my eyes to a much larger issue at hand, not only is there a huge and frightening problem threatening our oceans but there is a bigger problem with the lack of education and awareness surrounding these issues. I knew I had to do more then just repost articles on social media and guilt my friends to eat ethically sourced seafood and to give up their plastic straw and bottle use, I needed a larger platform where I could utilize the tools I had been studying for years. This is when I made a decision to pursue helping conservation efforts using a combination of photography, video and marketing whenever possible. Teaming up with great organizations like Shark Guardian I hope to be able to offer more awareness on how to change our ways and protect our beautiful and very important oceans.”

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