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Professional Scuba Diver, Underwater film maker and conservationist


David Martin is an underwater cameraman, diving Instructor and is the CEO of Kanaloa Nature & Films. He is also the president of Oceans For All Foundation. David is originally from France and has been a diving instructor since 1989.

David is very passionate about marine life and is very much still involved with Underwater fiming as a cameraman. This lead him to be the founder of Kanaloa Nature & Films, become a shark behavior specialist and advocate for their protection and conservation. David regularly organizes underwater filming expeditions for sharks enthusiasts and celebrities. His work underwater has been seen on BBC, National Geographic, Netflix etc.


Some of his other achievements include:

  • Author of the Book Guide “Sharks for your eyes only” published in 2000.

  • Project manager for Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit Sea Turtle Conservation’s book

  • Member of the board of advisors for

"Conservation is the only way to assure the survival of the marine ecosystem against the dramatic effects of human activities," says David

Since he was very young, sharks were Davids favorite animal. Its a fascination for this predator present on our planet since 400 million years. 

"Filming sharks and showing to the world that they are not dangerous is the first step toward a positive image of this amazing animal to the general public. I will always help and support all Shark Guardian missions and provide footage when ever needed."

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