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Shark Guardian Dive Center Application Form

The Shark Guardian Dive Center is a unique recognition only awarded to dive centers who play an active role in shark and marine conservation. Shark Guardian Dive Centers are partners of the Shark Guardian Uk Charity and are included in an extensive network of dive operations around the world. Shark Guardian Dive Centers specifically support Shark Guardian educational programs, conservation campaigns, research projects and expeditions worldwide. Only a limited number of dive centers in one particular area can be registered as a Shark Guardian Dive Center. Which is why we choose the dive centers that are fully committed and very active in conservation.

For multiple Dive Centers:
Please submit one form for each dive center.

PART 1: Dive Center Information

Shark Guardian Dive Leader
Dive Centers must appointed a member of staff who is responsible for overseeing and managing the communication between the dive center and Shark Guardian. This person will also be responsible for managing Shark Guardian citizen science research projects, using the Shark Guardian flip chart, organizing events and manage Shark Guardian education materials and Shark Guardian merchandise.

PART 2: Dive Center Web and Social Media Links

PART 3: Content for your Shark Guardian Dive Center Listing

Along with your dive center logo and additional images, this information will be used for a blog to announce that your Dive Center has partnered with Shark Guardian. This will then be shared to the various Shark Guardian social media platforms. 

PART 4: Follow Shark Guardian social media Platforms

Please follow Shark Guardian on our various social media platforms below. This is a great way to see the various activities, projects and events from Shark Guardian that you can help promote and share. Additionally, please subscribe to the Shark Guardian Website and Blog

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Subscribe to Shark Guardian

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PART 5: Please donate to complete registration

When you register as a Shark Guardian Dive Center we want to make sure that you have the necessary educational and promotional materials to use and display in your dive shop. Additionally we ask for a yearly donation to continue to develop and update these materials. Upon registration you will receive the Shark Guardian Dive Center Digital Starter Pack which will contain these materials.

Donation for Registration (Valid until 31 December):

1 Dive Center: £120.00  

2 Dive Centers: £216.00 (10% discount)

3 Dive Centers: £330.00 (£30.00 discount)

4 Dive Centers: £440.00 (£40.00 discount)

5 Dive Centers: £500.00 (£100.00 discount)

Yearly Renewal: £75.00 Donation per dive center (Due 31st January)


Once you have completed and submitted this form we will contact you to process your donation using your preferred option as indicated.

PART 6: Send your dive center Logo to Shark Guardian

Please upload your dive center logo below or email a high resolution image of your dive center logo to:

Upload File

After you submit your application:

As we receive many applications there may be a delay responding to your application directly. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within the next 7 days please send an email to

Thank you very much for submitting your Shark Guardian Dive Center Application form. We will be in touch soon!

Please Note: Submission of this form does not guarantee Shark Guardian Dive Center registration. Once we have reviewed the information you have provided we will contact you with further instructions to complete your successful listing.

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