Professional Scuba Diver, Dive Center Owner and conservationist

Yunpeng Bai (Justin Bai) is from Beijing, China. As an SSI diving instructor trainer, he is currently based in Phuket, Thailand, and has his own top-level SSI diving instructor training center – Blue Pulsation Dive Center.

Even from childhood Justin has always liked the sea and spent every vacation there when possible. After taking a diving certification, he further opened the gate of the ocean to explore the wonderful and magnificent underwater world. After qualifying as a Dive Master he found that he was unable to separate himself from the sea. Shortly he resigned from a high-paying financial management position and became a full-time diving instructor. He hoped to lead more people to understand the ocean, dive into the ocean, and do more for marine protection.

Justin has a great interest in sharks. To Justin, sharks are the guardians of the ocean. However, after several incidents of witnessing sharks being injured, he decided to spend more time on shark protection. He adds an introduction to sharks in every dive training courses and every diving activity, explaining the importance of sharks to the oceans. He  regularly organizes activities on shark protection and conservation.

"As a shark guardian Professional ambassador, I have more responsibility to carry out shark protection and marine conservation. I will let more and more people know the importance of shark protection, and will work with more like minded people to carry out shark protection and publicity to protect our blue planet" says Justin.

白云鹏(Justin Bai),来自于中国的首都北京,出生并在那里长大。作为一名SSI潜水教练训练官,目前常驻泰国普吉岛,并有一家自己的最高级别SSI潜水教练训练中心-心海潜水中心。




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