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Shark Guardian and DiveSilver Partner

Shark Guardian is pleased to announce a partnership with DiveSilver who create beautiful ocean-themed jewelry including sharks. Together, DiveSilver and Shark Guardian is very excited to offer an range of shark jewelry including pendants, earrings and rings. 100% of the profits is used to raise funds for Shark Guardian conservation activities and projects worldwide.

DiveSilver Philosophy

DiveSilver Jewelry is based on doing the right thing every day and feeling good about it. "Right" is defined by each individual wearer and begins with the actual design and creation of a piece of jewelry.

What truly matters is the quality and magic experienced by the owner of that piece of jewelry. They practice environmental stewardship by recycling and responsibly sourcing stones whenever possible.

Moreover, whoever touches DiveSilver jewelry must benefit from it in a special, useful, and positive way. Show your confidence, feel empowered, and know that your handcrafted jewelry was created in an uplifting environment that supports individuals and their families, resulting in strong work ethic. There is a definitive connection. "From the beginning, DiveSilver and Peter Stone Jewelry have rejected conditions like child labor, unfair wages and hours, unsafe working conditions, and environmental and health hazards. Throughout the years, many changes have taken place within the company, but none have threatened our positive work environment or the well-being of our employees."

You may purchase Dive Silver HERE

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