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Megamouth shark dies in captivity in Japan

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

A rare deep water megamouth shark that was freed from a Japanese fishing net on 22nd or 23rd of May 2017 was taken in to an open pen by a ‘Diving Company’. The shark soon died in awful conditions. A named source providing photos and videos to an article for Earth Touch had an extensive selection of videos and photographs on his Facebook page. Shark Guardian shared this media in the video below, a duty to try and get more information on this sad event.

Megamouth Sharks

The megamouth shark is one of three filter feeding sharks (along with basking and whale sharks). It is so rare it was first discovered in 1976. Since then there have been 102 recorded specimens of this shark. They spend most of their time at around 1500 meters below sea level, only heading to the surface to feed. This is why it is thought the megamouth caught in waters off Chiba, on the east coast of Japan, ended up in the fishing net.

Scientific Research

The dead megamouth has been preserved for scientific investigation. Shark Guardian hope the world can learn valuable information regarding this rare, deep water shark from this sad sequence of events.


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