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More fantastic shark-work following Shark Guardian school presentations

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Shark Guardian loves sharing creative projects, posters and powerpoint presentations created by students who are inspired by Shark Guardian presentations. Here we share some work by students of Jumeirah Primary School (JPS), Dubai. The students received our second children's book “Jed’s Big Adventure’’ as a wonderful prize for their hard work and effort earlier this year.

Kiia Rannisto actually created two different posters which her teacher, Damon Roberts, was really impressed with. We think you will agree this is fantastic!

Sara Elyaseri shows her wonderful shark-shaped poster which shares important shark information. What a great way to educate friends and family!

Here, Arjun Abraham proudly shows his ‘Jed’s Big Adventure’ book! Arjun clearly spent a lot of time and effort creating an amazing shark powerpoint and is a rightful winner of the book.

Well done to all students from JPS who took part in the Shark Guardian competition. If you’ve been inspired by live educational sessions, our YouTube videos or our books, please share your work with us!

Every school that the Shark Guardian Team visit receives a children's book for free and we are still sending them to countries around the world. Do not hesitate to get your school a book – just email with your school name and address and we can send WORLDWIDE for FREE.

Purchase your own Shark Guardian books here:

Sharks - Our Ocean Guardians (Book 1)



Jed's Big Adventure (Book 2)



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