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By purchasing Shark Guardian merchandise you directly support Shark Guardian conservation campaigns, educational programs and research projects worldwide

Save Our Sharks Shirt
  • Save Our Sharks Shirt

    A fantastic t-shirt that is showing anyone that looks at you face on, that you care about sharks! What a great message to show anyone you meet that sharks have been guarding our oceans for 400 million years. The main message on the shirt, other than the awesome looking graphic, is SAVE SHARKS, SAVE OURSELVES. The Shark Guardian logo is located on the upper back of the t-shirt near the neck.


    Sizing (Unisex):

    Chest / Lenght (INCHES)

    S = 35 / 27.5 

    M = 41 / 28.75

    L = 44 / 29.6

    XL = 47.5 / 32

    XXL = 52.5 / 32

    XXXL = 57.5 / 33


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