This Book Bundle package includes Book 1 & Book 2 of the Shark Guardian book series


Sharks Our Ocean Guardians is the first book in an exciting trilogy from Shark Guardian in partnership with author Gail Clarke. In this first book you will learn much about sharks including:

  • How long sharks have been around for

  • Getting to know pre-historic sharks

  • How many different sharks there are and how they vary in size, shapes and colors

  • Sharks as apex predators and the role they play in the ocean

  • Introduction of Jed the Hammerhead Shark

  • Join Shark Guardian to protect sharks

  • Enjoy learning more interesting sharks facts and challenges


The second book you will:

Follow Jed the Hammerhead shark on an incredible journey as he explores the shallows of mangroves to reaching the reef and the following drop off. On his way he meets some exciting new species and encounters a few challenges along the way.

Shark Book 1 & 2 Bundle

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