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Professional Scuba Diver and Underwater Photographer

Steve is from the UK and grew up in Birmingham, England. He has been fascinated by sharks from an early age to the point where his parents would take him to any shark related exhibit. Even driving for four and a half hours just to see a paper mâché shark was just amazing for Steve.


"I did my first try dive at 9 years old in France, and then learned to dive at 12 in Turkey." says Steve. "My whole family learned to dive at the same time and they still dive to this day. My 70 year old mother was recently in the water with great whites. She blows me away by how passionate about the natural world she is."

He originally wanted to study marine biology, but later developed a passion for photography. Being able to help threatened species and conservation efforts by using visual language is his dream and life goal. 


"I think photography can benefit conservation in a couple of different ways. If you understand photography as visual language then it is easy to see how we can visually describe the beauty of the underwater world. This type of imagery, which can sometimes be seen as superficial, is actually a very strong creative tool to show just how amazing the natural world is. This serves to get people interested. Secondly, photography that deals with the harder aspects of human / wildlife interaction can bring into the popular consciousness the difficulties that wildlife encounter trying to live alongside humans. This can range from habitat encroachment, pollution, over population or over use of animals for food. These images can be harder to view and are much less ‘popular’ as images, but they can also be a lot stronger in terms of visual language and having an impact on people, making them think about their own footprint on the world."

"I think that bringing these two types of photography together has the strongest impact. I always prefer to display my images of natural beauty alongside the destructive nature of human / wildlife interaction so that people can wonder and the beauty and then wonder at the mindless destruction of our planet."

"I want to be a Shark Guardian Ambassador first and foremost to be able to work with like minded individuals to get a larger audience so we can educate and change more minds. Secondly, of all the shark and wildlife conservation initiatives I have either worked with or contributed towards, Shark Guardian is the only one who hit at the root of the issue, by going into schools all over the world to educate the children. They, after all, are our only hope. To get to work alongside and be associated with Brendon, Liz and the wider Shark Guardian team is such an honour I am very humbled to be seen as someone who fits in."

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