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Shark Guardian Dive Center
& LiveAboard Membership


Shark Guardian dive center explorers

Attract more customers

Reinforce your commitment for shark conservation by joining Shark Guardian (a global shark charity) as a responsible operator attracting like-minded divers and shark enthusiasts.

Diver with sharks

Role model shark conservation leaders

Drive shark conservation globally by establishing shark diving codes of conduct, educating guests about sharks, participating in shark citizen science, research and empowering local communities

Shark Guardian education on boats

Access to Shark Guardian educational resources 

Shark Guardian provides a range of shark educational resources and training for dive center/ liveaboard staff. Attend yearly online webinars with other industry leaders and shark experts to support shark conservation efforts.

Shark Guardian dive center

Host Shark Guardian expeditions and events

Shark Guardian Dive Center / LiveAboard members may host Shark Guardian diving and snorkeling expeditions, shark presentation social events and organize fundraiser events. 

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Support Shark Guardian global campaigns

Participate, support and share Shark Guardian international campaigns messages for shark conservation efforts worldwide.


Promotion across Shark Guardian network

Reach more shark conservation and diving enthusiasts with membership  resources (Shark Guardian posters, materials and logo) and promotion on the Shark Guardian website, on social media and international dive exhibitions. 

The Shark Guardian Dive Center or Liveaboard is a unique membership granted to dive centers who actively contribute and participate in shark and marine conservation. Shark Guardian Dive Centers are partners of the Shark Guardian Uk Charity and are included in a network of like-minded dive operations around the world.


  • Shark Guardian Member logo on your marketing material and website

  • Exclusive member listing on the Shark Guardian website

  • Access to Shark Guardian educational resources including posters, leaflets, infographics, flip charts and powerpoint presentations

  • Supporting, sharing and engaging in Shark Guardian conservation campaigns

  • Hosting possible Shark Guardian diving and snorkeling expeditions

  • Access to Shark Guardian citizen science and research resources

  • Hosting possible Shark Guardian presentation and community events

  • Guide to organizing a 'Swim for Sharks' fundraising event for Shark Guardian

  • Retailing Shark Guardian merchandise

Dive Center / LiveAboard Member



Every year

Shark Guardian Dive Center Membership @ £20.00 per month

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