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**NEW**  Shark Guardian Posters!

Shark Guardian is excited to launch a new range of shark posters designed and created by Fresh N Salty

Each of the posters below feature sharks that are regarded as "Shark Record Holders' for bring the largest, smallest, fastest, largest hammerhead and longest living shark.

Great Hammerhead Shark Poster
Dwarf Lantern shark poster
Greenland shark poster
Short fin Mako Shark poster
Whale Shark poster

Shark Guardian Leaflets

Shark Guardian has a range of leaflets available in various languages for you to download and use. The Shark Guardian team is in the process of translating as many Shark Guardian materials in a range of languages. When these become available you will be notified.

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Shark Guardian Shark Identification & Facts Posters

The 7 Shark Guardian posters below feature a range of shark species including Reef Sharks, Plankton Feeding Sharks, Mackerel Sharks, Bottom Dwelling Sharks, Apex Sharks, Pelagic Sharks and Deep Water Sharks. Each poster includes information about the shark species as well as their current IUCN status. Posters are free to download however donations are greatly appreciated for support and to assist with creations of more posters in the future. 

Reef Sharks LR pic.png
Plankton Feeding Sharks LR pic.png
Mackerel sharks LR Pic.jpg
Pelagic Sharks LR pic.png
Bottom Dwelling LR pic.png
Apex Shark LR pic.png
Deep Water Sharks LR pic.png

Shark coloring sheets by Sharktopia 

Below is a range of Shark Guardian and Sharktopia coloring sheets. These are great for kids and school students. The detail of the sharks and images are amazing and while they are being colored in, you also get to learn some important facts about sharks and conservation. Click on each image below to download the PDF version.

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Shark Guardian - Sharks are not the enem
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