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Malapascua, Philippines
Thresher Shark Expedition

Women's Scuba Diving Trip


Malapascua, Philippines

The Phillipines is one of the top diving destinations in the world with a huge diversity of marine life as well as sunken wrecks. Although the Phillipines is home to hundreds of shark species, most divers visit Malapascua to see the famous thresher sharks.


Malapascua is a small tropical island just off the northernmost tip of Cebu right in the heart of the Phillippines. A plane ride to Mactan-Cebu International airport and then transfer by car and boat to the island, you will be welcomed by white sand beaches and clear blue waters.


Malapascua offers the chance to see exciting creatures such as white tip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, tuna, barracuda, sea snakes and amazing macro from mandarinfish to mantis shrimps. However, as mentioned, most divers come with thresher sharks in mind!


Malapascua Island is one of the most consistent destinations around the world where recreational divers can encounter thresher sharks.

Thresher sharks of Malapascua

Thresher sharks are natural deep dwellers spending their time at depths well below recreational and often technical diving limits.

Historically the Monad Shoal dive site was Malapascua’s most famous spot for consistent Thresher shark sightings. The sharks would rise from the deep to visit the Monad Shoal plateau at about 26m to benefit from the cleaning station here. The spa treatment they seek is the removal by cleaner wrasse of little parasites and imperfections from their skin, mouth and gills.


More recently though it seems the sharks have decided to spend their time at Kimud Shoal instead! Kimud is a sunken island located in the same trench as Monad Shoal. The island rises from a depth of over 200m to a flattish top of around 14m on average and can sometimes be visited by turtles, tuna, dolphins, hammerheads, devil rays and manta rays. There are beautiful sponges and hard and soft corals in the shallower sections, home to frog fish and moray eels, plus a vast array of nudibranchs and shrimp species.

Women's Thresher shark expedition with Liz from Shark Guardian

Thresher sharks are more active in the early morning. An early start for diving and a short 30-40 minute boat ride from the beach of Malapascua, the threshers can be found at the cleaning stations around Kimud. Since most of the dive is spent at a maximum of 18 meters, this dive can be enjoyed by a range of diving abilities. In order to preserve this beautiful unique ecosystem, home to this incredibly beautiful shark species, Shark Guardian has chosen to dive with an operator which takes pride in excellent dive briefings and best codes of conduct under water. 


When Liz (Director of Shark Guardian and experienced dive instructor) returned from her Thresher Shark adventure in February 2023 she had many requests from friends who wanted to experience the same trip. So, after a few months of planning, Shark Guardian created The Malapascua Thresher expedition with the goal of bringing female divers and shark enthusiasts together.


One of Shark Guardians values is Inclusion. The Directors have met many women around the world who feel limited in their diving ability and/or lack confidence to take a trip to a destination they are not familiar with. This first female expedition from Shark Guardian is not to exclude males, but to provide an opportunity for ALL women to see and dive with Thresher sharks, as well as the enormous biodiversity Malapascua has to offer.


Liz has a great passion for sharks and conservation and has enjoyed leading Shark Guardian events and presentations since 2013. Liz is the main person of contact to arrange events at schools and public venues.

Shark Guardian Expedition Dive Leader Liz Ward-Sing (Shark Guardian Director and Founder)

Women's Expedition Itinerary
14 May - 20 May 2024


  • 8am: Meet/ arrive in Cebu City

  • Transfer to Malapascua Island

  • 2pm: Check-in at Evolution Dive Resort

  • 4pm: 1 x Check out dive on house reef

  • 7pm: Shark Guardian Introduction (30min)

DAY 2​​

  • 5am: 2 x Dives Thresher sharks

  • 10am: Breakfast

  • Free time

  • 7pm: Shark Guardian Thresher Shark Presentation (60min)


  • 5am: 2 x Dives Thresher sharks

  • 10am: Breakfast

  • Free time



  • 5am: 2 x Dives Thresher sharks

  • 10am: Breakfast

  • Free time

  • 7pm: Movie Night Shark Documentary


  • 5am: 2 x Dives Thresher sharks

  • 10am: Breakfast

  • Free time


  • 5am: 2 x Dives Thresher sharks

  • 10am: Breakfast

  • Free time

  • 7pm: Shark Quiz and prizes


  • 9am: Breakfast

  • Transfers from Malapascua to Cebu Hotel or Mactan-Cebu International Airport

£599.00 per person sharing


  • Return transfers from Cebu hotel/ Mactan-Cebu International Airport - Evolution Dive Resort Malapascua 

  • 6 Nights accommodation Standard Room sharing at Evolution Dive Resort*

  • Daily breakfast

  • 1 x Checkout dive on local reef

  • 10 x Thresher shark dives

  • Cylinder / air & weights / belt for scuba divers

  • Boat refreshments

  • National Park fees

  • Shark Guardian Presentations

  • Shark movie night & Quiz

  • 1 x Complimentary massage

  • Shark Guardian Certificate

  • Donation to Shark Guardian UK Charity

* Please Note *

  • Rates are for per person sharing

  • Additional charges apply for single supplements

  • Optional upgrade from standard room to deluxe room


  • Drinks / items of a personal nature

  • Lunch + Dinner meals

  • Dive gear rental (details below)

  • Dive insurance

  • Travel insurance

  • Air fares, taxes and visas

  • Gratuities for staff - at your own discretion

  • Extra nights accommodation in Cebu City or Malapascua Island

  • Nitrox Air Fills (details below)


Dive gear rental: £39.00 (11 dives)

Dive Nitrox: £45.00 (10 Thresher shark dives)

About Pelagic Thresher Sharks

Known for their unique tail and interesting hunting habits, Threshers are frequent visitors to Malapascua Island. Also known as Fox sharks there are three living species: pelagic, Big Eye and Common Thresher.


Pelagic Thresher sharks (Alopias Pelagicus) inhabit the waters of Malapascua. The smallest of the three species (3 meters / 10 foot long and about 70 kg / 153 lb) they are characterized by their distinguished elongated upper lobe of its caudal fin, which is used like a whip to strike prey (especially small fish).

In addition, this shark is a strong swimmer and can even be seen jumping out of the water (breaching). It’s not aggressive (no one has ever reported an attack on humans), and once it encounters a diver, it can be shy, usually changing direction and swimming away. Unfortunately Thresher sharks population are declining, due to illegal fishing and pollution.

Learn more about the Pelagic Thresher shark here:

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