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Little Legend

LittleLegend Group designs early years education tools, which promote sustainability. We seek to build a community of like-minded educators, who see the value of nature and sustainability in a child’s learning and development. The ultimate goal is the emergence of a more child-led learning philosophy, which creates a new generation of confident, courageous, environmentally-conscious kids. 

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Save Us From Plastics

Save Us From Plastics was created by a European family of 4 including twin daughters of 12 years old living in Phuket since August 2018. While enjoying the amazing landscapes of Phuket the awareness about plastic pollution grew everyday. Plastic could be found everywhere from beaches to streets and from parks to the seas. They decided to start #SaveUsFromPlastics project to create new and useful designs with the shape of some endangered animals.

Their first design is a New-Born Sea-Turtle!

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Below and Beyond Art

Below and Beyond Art was established by Janavi Kramer who is a UK based Mixed Media Nautical Artist. Her mission is not only to create work that highlights the beauty of our Oceans but to help spread awareness of the threats impacting it. A significant part of her journey is to use her Artwork as a vessel to support Shark Guardian by donating a percentage of sales directly to their mission to save sharks.

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Prawno is an ocean lifestyle clothing brand inspired by the underwater photography of Creative Director Lia Barrett. All products are created from silhouettes of the people and marine life captured in her acclaimed photography. With marine conservation at their core, Prawno clothing incorporates fabrics made from natural fibers like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton, as well as post-consumer plastic bottles and recycled fabrics. Prawno donates a percentage of their sales to Shark Guardian as official partners.

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Global Vision International

GVI tackles critical local and global issues by operating award-winning education and training programs on sustainable development projects around the world, in partnership with renowned international partners. Partnered together, GVI and Shark Guardian have hosted several events and produced a range of educational posters related to shark conservation. Additionally GVI assisted translating the first Shark Guardian - Sharks our Ocean Guardian book into Thai. These books were printed and donated to many schools in Thailand for free.

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Click Collect Clothes

Click Collect Clothes engages in the collection, selling and the exporting of second hand clothes and other textiles. They are a wholesaler and exporter of good quality used clothing to more needed countries in Eastern Europe and Asia where the clothes are reused instead of going to waste. Click Collect Clothes has partnered with Shark Guardian to raise money for shark conservation.

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Apex Oceans

The mission of Apex Oceans with dive with Kristi is to open the eyes of the world to the real-life issues we have in our oceans. Apex Oceans seeks to provide eco-friendly custom-made resin art and eco/sustainable clothing. With the long-term goal to not only supply art and clothing BUT to educate through online courses, blogs, photos, videos and more but to take people on excursions to other countries to swim with the world's most amazing pelagic animals in their natural habitat. 15 % of all profits to Shark Guardian.

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Blue Ray T-Shirts

Blue Ray T-Shirts is based in the UK and offer an exciting range of t-shirts, hoodies and much more. Blue ray supports a variety of charities by donating funds from their online sales. Shark Guardian and Blue Ray T-Shirts have now partnered to bring more variety and exciting shark gear for you that supports our activities and projects too.

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Dupa Australia

Dupa Australia was founded by Janice Tade in 2017. It is the collection of Janice’s passions in life; conservation, scuba diving and art. Janice’s jewelry promotes awareness of marine conservation efforts, and inspires people to become involved. Dupa proudly contributes 20% of all profits to Shark Guardian for shark and marine conservation projects. 



We believe in a clean ocean and clear visibility when it comes to our apparel production. All the materials we use are ocean - friendly: 100% recycled or organic and fully compliant with Global Recycle Standard by Textile Exchange.

Yeah, every single yarn is pulled from the melted polyester. Fishpeople is now the official manufacturer for the Shark Guardian rash vests, water leggings and board shorts.

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Under The Sea Art

Under The Sea Art was created by Miriam and Greg, one marine biologist and one conservationist and educator. Both are professional divers and share a passion for wildlife, in particular the underwater world. Under The Sea Art was a lockdown baby and has become one of the ways Greg and Miriam hope to continue their mission to spread awareness in education around the world and simply make people fall in love with the ocean. All paintings are hand painted by Miriam using water colors and products are chosen with sustainability in mind.

FinArts Logo 2021.png

The Fin Arts

The Fin Arts is a social enterprise combining art and marine conservation. They work together with international artists who are painting their unique art onto shark sculptures to raise awareness for the art of nature, what the shark really is, and the necessity to protect this amazing and important creature. 20 % of every shark sold is donated to Shark Guardian. Together we are aiming to create awareness and educate for the cause of the sharks and our oceans, to preserve them for the future.



Caiti Rose is a coffee-loving, shark-obsessed, happy vegan artist with the goal of altering the misconceptions surrounding sharks and other Ocean life through Sharktopia. Through her art, Caiti raises awareness about harsh topics such as shark finning, plastic pollution, over-fishing, and so much more. There are 75+ FREE coloring pages on the Sharktopia site to help spread the awareness even further. Sharktopia and Shark Guardian have collaborated on numerous coloring pages together. You can see these on the Sharktopia site and on the Shark Guardian Resources page!

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