Shark Guardian has partnered with dive centers worldwide. These dive centers offer advanced support for shark and marine conservation efforts through Shark Guardian. Shark Guardian dive centers provide additional education and activities for conservation using the tools and resources offered by Shark Guardian. For more information visit the Shark Guardian Dive Center page.

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Dive Centers

Blue Ray T-Shirts is based in the UK and offer an exciting range of t-shirts, hoodies and much more. Blue ray supports a variety of charities by donating funds from their online sales. Shark Guardian and Blue Ray T-Shirts have now partnered to bring more variety and exciting shark gear for you that supports our activities and projects too. For more information please visit Blue Ray T-Shirts


The Fin Arts is a social enterprise combining art and marine conservation. They work together with international artists who are painting their unique art onto shark sculptures to raise awareness for the art of nature, what the shark really is, and the necessity to protect this amazing and important creature. 20 % of every shark sold is donated to Shark Guardian. Together we are aiming to create awareness and educate for the cause of the sharks and our oceans, to preserve them for the future.

Prawno is an ocean lifestyle clothing brand inspired by the underwater photography of Creative Director Lia Barrett. All products are created from silhouettes of the people and marine life captured in her acclaimed photography. With marine conservation at their core, Prawno clothing incorporates fabrics made from natural fibers like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton, as well as post-consumer plastic bottles and recycled fabrics. Prawno donates a percentage of their sales to Shark Guardian as official partners.


Dupa Australia was founded by Janice Tade in 2017. It is the collection of Janice’s passions in life; conservation, scuba diving and art. Janice’s jewelry promotes awareness of marine conservation efforts, and inspires people to become involved. Dupa proudly contributes 20% of all profits to Shark Guardian for shark and marine conservation projects. 

Caiti Rose is a coffee-loving, shark-obsessed, happy vegan artist with the goal of altering the misconceptions surrounding sharks and other Ocean life through Sharktopia. Caiti is also a Shark Guardian Professional Ambassador. Through her art, Caiti raises awareness about harsh topics such as shark finning, plastic pollution and over fishing. There are 35+ FREE coloring pages on the Sharktopia site to help spread the awareness even further. 20% of Sharktopia art sales is donated to Shark Guardian.


Projects Abroad is the world’s largest international volunteering and internship provider. They have been running for over 25 years and have sent over 115,000 people on incredible projects throughout the world. Shark Guardian has partnered with Projects Abroad providing shark education and research programs to their volunteers.


GVI tackles critical local and global issues by operating award-winning education and training programs on sustainable development projects around the world, in partnership with renowned international partners. Partnered together, GVI and Shark Guardian have hosted several events and produced a range of educational posters related to shark conservation. Additionally GVI assisted translating the first Shark Guardian - Sharks our Ocean Guardian book into Thai. These books were printed and donated to many schools in Thailand for free.


Eco Beasts unite schools under the Global Goals by providing localized resources on global environmental issues, enabling child-led action and driving positive systemic change. Connecting communities through events and facilitating educational workshops to make Bangkok a greener and cleaner city. Shark Guardian and Eco Beasts have partnered to unite our goals of conservation to schools in Thailand.

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