From May to September 2020 Shark Guardian successfully lead a

UK Government Petition campaign to ban shark fin importations into the UK.

The petition ended on the 11th September 2020 with 

115,380 signatures

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We are now heading to UK Parliament!

Shark Guardian has inspired other shark conservation groups, NGOs and charities to support this campaign as it heads to parliament for debate

Debate date: To be confirmed

Meet Shark Guardian Ambassador: Robin Gallagher

Robin, a third year Politics student at Portsmouth University, has had a strong interest in sharks from a young age.  After writing a report on shark finning as part of his course, Robin set up a petition asking the UK to ban the import of shark fins.  His petition led to the birth of the Finspire Change UK Campaign.  He is extremely proud to be a part of the Shark Guardian team as we look ahead to end finning for good.

Shark Guardian Finspire Change UK Campaign timeline & News:

Mar 2020: UK Petition launched by Shark Guardian Ambassador Robin Gallagher

May 2020: Finspire Change UK Campaign launched

Jun 2020: 10,000 Signatures reached

Jun 2020: First UK Government response to petition

Aug 2020: 50,000 Signatures reached

Sep 2020: 115,380 Signatures reached

Nov 2020: Second (revised) Government response to petition

Dec 2020: UK Government launched call for evidence on shark fin trade

What can you do to help?


STEP 2: Make contact

Email your MP

When writing your email, please be polite and to-the-point and make sure you include your name and address so that your MP knows you are a local constituent. Repeated, identical messages are subject to being blocked by spam filters, so it is very important that you use your own words. As guidance, here are some points you can include when writing your message:

Tweet your MP

Twitter is a very effective platform when reaching out to your local MP. To make this easy, we have created an automated twitter message for you. To start:

1. Login to your twitter account

2. Click on the button below

3. Search your MP by name or city

4. Click 'TWEET'

A generated message will appear on your twitter account for your selected MP. Then send!

Send your MP a postcard

Finspire UK_Postcard_A6 2.jpg

The Shark Guardian Finspire Change UK post cards are awesome and unique. These post cards will certainly get noticed by your local MP.

You can download the Finspire Change post card here:

Or you can place and order for as many post cards as you want.

Support: Get your Finspire Change UK Campaign T-Shirt here

FinSpire Change Campaign Shield Shirt

FinSpire Change Campaign Shield Shirt

FinSpire Change Campaign Finless Shark

FinSpire Change Campaign Finless Shark


Finspire Change UK supporting organizations and NGOs

British Sub Aqua Club
Shark Project
Shark Project Logo
Shark Allies
Shark Allies Logo
Beach Guardian
Beach Guardian Logo
Born Free
Born Free Logo
Shark and ray entanglement Network
Shark and ray entanglement Network
Sea Morgens
Sea Morgens
Ocean Preservation Society
Ocean Preservation Society
Stop Finning EU
Stop Finning EU
Dive RAID Logo
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