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What can you do to support Shark Guardian and the oceans?

Updated: May 17, 2021

1. Finspire Change UK petition

Finspire Change UK is a campaign launched and run by Shark Guardian. The aim is to get 100,000 signatures on this governmental petition to stop the UK importing, exporting and trading shark fins. The shark finning industry is barbaric, cruel and completely unnecessary and the UK's involvement in such a trade needs to stop.

  • If you are a UK resident, please sign and then share with your friends and family.

  • If you are not a UK resident, sharing the petition is still incredibly valuable as it reaches people it otherwise would not.

  • If you are an EU resident, once you've shared the Finspire Change UK petition, StopFinningEU run a similar campaign aiming to ban the EU's involvement in the shark fin trade, you can sign here.

Be sure to tag Shark Guardian or StopFinningEU in any post and use the #bansharkfinUK or #stopfinningEU so we can see all your amazing efforts!

2. Be a keyboard warrior with Fly Without Fins –

Fly Without Fins is a campaign run by Shark Guardian and Shark Project that documents airlines involvement with shark fin transportation. We encourage people to tag and tweet at their local airlines asking them what their policies are on carrying shark fins – praising the airlines that have banned it and applying pressure and encouragement to those that haven’t. All you have to do is tag an airline in your message, or message them directly, letting us know their response and we’ll update the website!