Brendon Sing

Founder and Co-Director of Shark Guardian 

Brendon is from South Africa and from an early age had a great interest in sharks. He started scuba diving with the sole purpose of diving with sharks. Brendon has now been diving and researching sharks for over 20 years achieving the highest qualifications in the scuba diving industry. Together with his wife Liz, Brendon created Shark Guardian to share his knowledge and experience of sharks for conservation. His goal is to inspire everyone worldwide to protect sharks - our ocean guardians. 

Liz Ward-Sing

Co-Director of Shark Guardian 

Liz is from the UK. She is a qualified Physiotherapist and an experienced scuba diving instructor with over 2,000 dives logged. Liz has a great passion for sharks and conservation. She is an exceptional educator and really enjoys getting involved with Shark Guardian events and presentations. Liz is the main person of contact to arrange events at schools and public locations.

Paul Ward

Trustee of Shark Guardian 

Paul Ward is a retired Biology Teacher and Deputy head from Nottingham, UK. Having always been a fan of animals and wildlife in general, with a  daughter and son-in-law involving him ever more in Shark Guardian activities, he most definitely now is a shark fanatic and avid conservationist. Paul also gives Shark Guardian presentations and talks.

Marcus Adams

Trustee of Shark Guardian 

Marcus is a retired Chartered Accountant with a successful career in the financial services industry. Marcus first learned to dive aged 11 and his first open water dive was in a disused gravel quarry in 2C water! His most memorable dive was a few years ago in Mozambique with Mantas, Dolphins, Whale Sharks and Humpbacked Whales all in a single dive. Marcus is a keen ecologist and has successfully run an anti fracking campaign which resulted in the law in the UK being changed to protect sensitive areas from unconventional fossil fuel extraction.  Being a trustee for Shark Guardian allows Marcus to bring his skills and passion to the cause of protecting the marine environment.

Aurore Lecanon

Trustee of Shark Guardian 

Aurore Lecanon is a senior executive with almost 20 years’ experience working for global insurers and investment banks. She is passionate about travel and hopes to go back to diving soon - she last dived on a trip around Corsica made memorable by a sinking boat but is now inspired to get in the water with sharks.

Harriet Moore

Trustee of Shark Guardian 

Harriet is a BSc(H) Animal Biology graduate from Nottingham, UK, with a background in how macro and microplastics effect marine wildlife, conducting a dissertation on the genetic mutations of marine wildlife caused by plastic pollution. A PADI Advanced Diver, she is a sustainable living and plastic alternative advocate, combining both passions in the protection of marine wildlife.

Katie Woodroffe

Trustee of Shark Guardian 

Katie graduated with a BSc(Hons) Zoology over ten years ago and has since gained extensive experience within environmental education, volunteer management and project management working in England and on marine and coastal projects in Thailand.  She is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and is a keen advocate of combining diving with citizen science.

Donations are used 100% to support Shark Guardian conservation campaigns and activities, educational programs and research projects worldwide. Your support is vital!

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