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New Hammerhead Shark Bracelet!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Shark Guardian is pleased to announce a collaboration with BOLD Charms. BOLD prides itself on creating original designs that give back to wild animals and does not come at the expense of people or the environment. Shark Guardian is proud to be part of this project that benefits all endangered wild animals. It is also exciting to offer a wonderful Hammerhead Shark bracelet to support this important cause whilst raising funds for the Shark Guardian UK Charity.

Great Hammerhead sharks are classified by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) as an ENDANGERED species which makes this item so relevant. To learn more about the Great Hammerhead Sharks see our previous Blog HERE


The BOLD Shark bracelet features a finely detailed silver-plated animal charm presented on an adjustable organic cotton cord with the word 'PROTECT' engraved on the clasp.

- Charm and clasp are high quality silver plated brass

- Organic cotton band, hand dyed in Peru

- Color: Midnight black

- Size: 26 cm

- Designed in London, Made in Peru


BOLD ensures an ethical and green supply chain that respects the environment for generations to come.

Our bracelets are made from organic cotton cord, hand dyed in Peru with natural pigments. All colour variations are part of the traditional dyeing process, making every bracelet unique.

Each bracelet is presented on a photographed card printed on responsible forestry card.

You may purchase your Hammerhead Shark Bracelet HERE

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