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Shark Guardian Children's Book now available in Thai

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Shark Guardians first ever childrens book 'Sharks - Our Ocean Guardians' is now printed in Thai! Finally after months of translation, checking, refining and more checking, the books are ready . The first childrens book was written and illustrated by Gail Clarke a fantastic author. The translated book is identical to the first book but means children in Thailand can now learn more about the most important species to protect.

Thank you GVI

This book project was funded by volunteer organization GVI International, specifically the branch based in Phang Nga, Thailand. 1000 books have been printed and are ready for distribution to Thai schools for FREE! Following on from the initial print of the English version of 'Sharks - Our Ocean Guardians', this project continues the Shark Guardian mission of creating educational tools for as many people as possible about sharks and marine conservation for free, worldwide.

Contact us for your free English book for your school!

The English version has already been donated to hundreds of schools worldwide and Shark Guardian look forward to events to distribute the new book, in collaboration with GVI International. Contact for more information on receiving a book for your school.


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