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Fiji Dive Center joins Shark Guardian

Shark Guardian Dive Center
Axcel & Mayra from Coral Coast Divers, Fiji

Coral Coast Divers has been recognized as the premier and most distinctive shark diving company in Fiji. They conduct shark dives four times a week within their exclusive marine sanctuary. Coral Coast Divers dedicate their efforts to not only involving the protection of sharks but also raising awareness about their crucial ecological role. Guests have the opportunity to witness up to 8 shark species in their natural habitat. After receiving a comprehensive safety briefing and an educational session on shark behavior and biology, guests are guided to "the Colosseum" marine park within the renowned Beqa Lagoon.

Coral Coast Divers Fiji

Situated in Pacific Harbor, Coral Coast Divers is a PADI 5* STAR Dive Resort and Eco Dive Center for the Fiji region. The exceptionally experienced team at Coral Coast Divers offers daily boat excursions to explore the breathtaking dive sites surrounding the island. These sites feature a diverse range of underwater wonders, including soft corals, sharks, shipwrecks, turtles, canyons, and more. They provide PADI courses in multiple languages, including English, French, and Spanish.

As a new Shark Guardian Dive Center Member, Coral Coast Divers continues to advance their already impressive work on shark education and awareness and support Shark Guardian international efforts and campaigns to protect sharks worldwide.

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