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Finarts supports Shark Guardian

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Shark Guardian is proud to partner with The Fin Arts (, a social enterprise combining art and marine conservation. The Finarts team is currently attending the Dusseldorf Show in Germany and you should definitely go and check them out!

Alex Loew is the driving force behind this initiative. Alex has been drawing and painting since childhood and attended art college in Germany. From extensive experience working in the Thailand scuba diving industry he decided to do something to combine his 2 great passions, art and the ocean, specifically to support marine conservation.

The Fin Arts works with international artists who paint their unique art on to shark sculptures. The aim is to create awareness and educate about sharks, supporting marine conservation organizations such as Shark Guardian to help protect our sharks and oceans for our future.

Every shark sculpture will engage people to create awareness about sharks, the art being a reminder of the challenges facing sharks, as well as the marine ecosystem as a whole. Check out these images below to see more of these fantastic shark art designs!

20% of every shark sold is donated to projects such as Shark Guardian!

Thanks you to Alex and the Fin Art team for supporting us!


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