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First Quarter Update 2019

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Here is a round up of Shark Guardian activities and projects during the first quarter of 2019. Additionally we highlight moments that have captured the worlds attention when it comes to sharks.


What an exciting start to 2019 when the famous great white shark ‘Deep Blue’ was sighted along with 2 other large female great whites off the coast of Hawaii. Deep Blue was first filmed in Mexico in 2016 as labeled as the largest great white filmed alive. See the video here:

Deep Blue seen in Mexico 2016

In early 2019 Deep Blue was filmed again in Hawaii. The focus on inappropriate touching and misidentification of Deep Blue herself almost made the world lose sight of what an awesome event this actually was – As George Probst (from Twitter) wrote: "Not only was Deep Blue, one of the largest documented white sharks on record, seen off of Oahu last week, but so was another shark who challenged her size closely enough for many people to mistake her for Deep Blue. Now, that's pretty exciting! And the third shark is exciting, too!"

Deep Blue seen in Hawaii 2019

With the number of Great White Sharks falling, causing concern globally, such events must be highlighted and reflected on positively. Let us hope for more excitement from great whites in 2019!


It was time to celebrate Chinese New Year this February. Even more exciting this year there was a lot of talk in the media about the reduced consumption of shark fin soup! Click the image below to see full article: