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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Crystal Divers and Shark Guardian have teamed up to drive exciting Marine Research Programs on the reefs of the Aliwal Shoal in South Africa. These programs are ideal for anyone interesting in marine conservation, shark conservation. Spend your gap year making a difference.

The PADI 5 Star IDC Resort (situated in Scottburgh, 60km south of Durban), is fully committed to driving marine education and shark conservation through real-time, hands-on experience. There is no limitation to whom is eligible to participate in this Citizen Science Program, although scuba diving experience would be beneficial. The full range of PADI certifications is also available through the dive centre, conducted by their world-class instructors and mentors.

Known as the Shark Guardian Diver Program, it has been designed to collect research data to assist in the preservation of our beautiful oceans by sustaining the vibrant marine life for our future generations. As divers, we are all aware that global shark populations are in decline due to over-fishing and by-catch; and it is our responsibility to educate the general public that if measures are not taken (soon), we might see the extinction of many of the shark species we see in our oceans today. This also has a major knock-on effect for the entire marine ecosystem and all the organisms which exist within it.

The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) has estimated that one-third of our shark species is already being considered vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered, which is why we need to stand together and act now, before its too late. The program allows for any individual to experience these sharks in their natural habitat, while simultaneously collecting valuable research data as a "citizen scientist”. The full spectrum of marine-life skills, from identification to behavioral tracking is provided in this program.

Aliwal Shoal's MPA (Marine Protected Area) has been ranked as one of the world’s top 10 advanced dive spots, as divers experience the exhilaration of interacting with these beautiful creatures at a very up-close and personal range. Shark Guardian is one of the world leaders in shark conservation and engages in multiple conservation activities and projects around the globe. It is their ultimate goal to ensure the longevity of our exquisite sharks for many generations to come.

Owner of Crystal Divers South Africa, Pieter Scholtz says “Our intense love of the ocean has driven a passion to conserve and protect the marine environment and its spectacular creatures. So in this case it is our responsibility to have a clear understanding of how best to preserve and protect it. Crystal Divers is fully committed to the plight of our much-loved pelagic species by contributing to these internationally endorsed conservation initiatives. Our program will be moderated by experts from around the world, and will actively aid the findings of ongoing conservation efforts. I do believe this is one of the most exciting program’s available!”

Come and join us as we conserve and protect!

The program consists of the following modules -

Module 1:

  • Introduction Video from Shark Guardian

  • Shark Guardian Diver PART 1

  • About Shark Guardian

  • Shark Facts

  • Importance of Sharks

  • Shark Myths Busted

  • Shark Attacks

  • Shark Anatomy

  • Diving with Sharks

  • Review all data with Shark Guardian Team

  • Practical data collection – Aliwal Shoal

Module 2:

  • Shark Guardian Diver PART 2:

  • Shark Research

  • Data Collection Sheet overview for eOceans

  • How to photograph Raggies/ Oceanic Black Tips and Tiger Sharks for ID research

  • How to upload collected data to eOceans

  • How to Upload photographs for research

  • Review of all data & meetings with Shark Guardian Team

  • Practical data collection – Aliwal Shoal

Module 3:

  • Shark Guardian Diver PART 3:

  • Sharks in Danger

  • Shark Conservation

  • Collecting and processing Data for eOceans

  • Review all data with Shark Guardian Team

  • Practical data collection – Aliwal Shoal

Throughout the modules the candidates will do various reef and baited shark dives as specified in the program outline under the guidance of Shark Guardian Dive Leaders.

The entire program is moderated by Shark Guardian under the guidance of Marine Biologist Brendon Ford Sing. All data collected will be loaded to a live data base and contribute to on-going conservation efforts. Our 3- 8 week programs also include Marine Resouce Management lectures and workshops.

Packages Include:

  • Dives as specified

  • Dive equipment hire

  • Self-catering accommodation

  • In program transfers

  • Tuition

Costing in South African Rand (ZAR) - Use Currency Converter Here

12 Day Program :



Shark Guardian Diver Certification

8 x Reef Dives

2 x Baited Shark Dives

R 12 400-00

3 Week Program :



Shark Guardian Diver Certification

Marine Resource Management

14 x Reef Dives

4 x Baited Shark Dives

R 19 400-00

5 Week Program :



Shark Guardian Diver Certification

Marine Resource Management

24 x Reef Dives

6 x Baited Shark Dives

R29 900

8 Week Program :



Shark Guardian Diver Certification

Marine Resource Management

36 x Reef Dives

10 x Baited Shark Dives

R39 600

Citizen Science on a whole new level. Take the leap and help save our sharks!

For more information contact Shark Guardian Dive Center Crystal Divers South Africa:


Call: +27 (0) 62 929 8339


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