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Meet Shark Guardian Ambassador Kendall Rose

Kendall Rose Shark Guardian Ambassador

"My name is Kendall and I am a freelance underwater photographer based on the East Coast of Australia. I found a passion for the underwater world 4 years ago. My partner and I were planning on going for a surf at our (now local) beach, but the water was completely still. Luckily we had 2 pairs of cheap snorkel sets in our car and decided to explore. This was a small decision that changed our lives as we knew it.

I saw my first shark, a tiger shark, at a place I now call home. Since that day, I have spent countless hours beneath the waves, exploring, observing and learning about what lies below. The ocean completely captured my soul. I have always been a water baby and I am completely fascinated and awe-inspired by the beauty and mysteries of the underwater world, encountering creatures and landscapes that many people never get to see.

I realized this blue oasis needed protecting. I bought myself a cheaper camera and set out on my journey that continues right through to today. As I began teaching myself the ins and outs of underwater photography (a whole other ball game), I realised I had found my lifelong passion. It's a challenging and skill-intensive pursuit, requiring technical knowledge, patience, and the ability to adapt to challenging underwater conditions. And I sure do love a challenge!

Since then, I have become a certified Molchanovs freediver and certified scuba diver. I have participated in coral restoration programs and documented the underwater world in many different countries. I have invested in professional underwater equipment with a mission to showcase the breathtaking beauty of underwater landscapes and raise awareness about misunderstood, or vulnerable marine life, as well as conservation issues, helping people to better understand and protect our oceans through my work."


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