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Planet-Positive Impact: ISB Bangkok Students' 5-Day shark and coral Adventure

23 students and 3 teachers from ISB Bangkok enjoyed a fantastic 5-day adventure with Brendon and Liz from Shark Guardian in Krabi.

The primary focus of the trip was to deepen their understanding of sharks, their vital role in the ocean ecosystem, the threats they face, and how to contribute to conservation efforts for both sharks and the planet.

Additionally, the expedition aimed to broaden students' perspectives on environmental stewardship, interpersonal relationships, and community engagement.

A gourp of shark guardian students by the side of a boat in krabi
Students, Fast Manta staff and Shark Guardian director Brendon at the Fast Manta boat

The itinerary included two days of boat activities on Fast Manta featuring snorkelling sessions to learn about shark interaction, marine life, and reef ecosystems. The students also collected citizen science data for eOceans.

On Day 3 of the expedition, the participants had the unique opportunity to engage in a 'Coral First Aid Program' led by Coralyfe. This specialised program involved hands-on activities and lessons geared towards understanding and practicing coral reef conservation and restoration techniques. Participants learned about the importance of coral reefs, the threats they face, and practical measures to aid in their protection. The program covered topics such as coral anatomy, the impact of environmental stressors on coral health, and methods for coral rehabilitation. Overall, it was an immersive experience designed to install a sense of responsibility and knowledge regarding the critical role coral reefs play in marine ecosystems.

a pink brain coral in the andaman sea
Photo of a healthy brain coral in Phi Phi by Deborah Holden

Day 4 involved a visit to Nong Talay School in Ao Nang, where students delivered educational presentations in English and Thai as part of the Shark Guardian Student Ambassador Program. Games and activities helped Thai children learn about ecosystems and human impact and provided English practice.

Students at the front of a class of children
Students Delivery a Shark Presentation to Nong Talay School

Shark Guardian handled all aspects of the trip, from airport pickups to logistics, ensuring a seamless experience. The dive team at Fast Manta played a crucial role in enhancing students' knowledge of marine life and safety during boat activities.

Educational sessions in the afternoons and evenings covered topics like sharks, data collection, citizen science, coral, marine debris, and documentaries on sharks and plastics.

Students gathered on the grass having a presentation
A fun outdoor educational session.

On the concluding day of the expedition, both students and teachers were actively involved in a meaningful beach cleanup initiative, demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship. Together, they dedicated their efforts to meticulously collecting and removing more than 100 kilograms of debris from the beach. This cleanup went beyond the basic task of removing visible trash; it also included a meticulous recording of data, aligning with the PADI Aware Dive Against Debris program.

The collection process involved categorising and documenting the types of waste found, noting any patterns or trends, and gathering valuable information for environmental research and conservation efforts. The participation in the PADI Aware Dive Against Debris program indicates a commitment to not only cleaning up the marine environment but also contributing to a larger, global initiative focused on understanding and addressing the challenges posed by marine debris.

This hands-on experience of cleaning up the beach and contributing to data collection would have provided the students and teachers with a tangible understanding of the impact of human activities on coastal ecosystems. Moreover, it served as a powerful reminder of the importance of responsible waste management and the role individuals can play in preserving the health of our oceans.

A group of people with trash cleaned up from the beach.
Students and Teachers Cleaning up the Beach

The experience left an indelible mark on the students and teachers, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Motivated by the trip, 15-17-year-olds are now eager to establish their own Shark Guardian ambassador groups and are more conscientious about their environmental footprint. Some students aspire to lead educational initiatives in Thai schools in Bangkok, thanks to their training as student ambassadors.

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