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Dubai and Abu Dhabi School Tour 2020

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

6 schools, 1 dive community event, 4 days – more than 8000 children plus around 100 adults saw Brendon and Liz in action! Here’s a summary of the locations and sharky education led by Shark Guardian at the start of 2020. Thanks again to all who helped make this tour happen!

DAY 1: GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi

Brendon and Liz presented in Abu Dhabi for the first time and started this tour with a session for the parents. This was a really good opportunity for the parents to understand what their children would be learning later in the day, and the feedback and discussions were fantastic. Later in 2 sessions, around 450 children from Grades 1 to 5 were a fantastic audience to start this UAE visit in style.

DAY 2: The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai

Brendon spent the full day speaking to just over 3500 children Grades 1 to 5 at this school (a new record for Shark Guardian)! 850 five year olds dancing to the Baby Shark song must be one of Brendons’ trip highlights!! Climate Literacy is part of this schools curriculum so the presentations were adapted to include this focus.

DAY 2: GEMS Jumeirah Primary School, Dubai

Meanwhile Liz spent 2 sessions talking sharks and conservation with 600 students from years 3-6 at Jumeirah Primary School. It was nice to return to this school who last hosted Brendon and Liz 5 years ago!

DAY 3: Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai

Another full day of presentations for Brendon and Liz – and the children certainly gave a wonderful and enthusiastic response. More than 700 children from Kindergarten through to Year 10 enjoyed learning about sharks, marine life and conservation and we hope to have some new Student Ambassadors in the making soon!

DAY 3: Evening event for the Emirates Diving Association (EDA)

30 scuba divers from the EDA plus guests joined Brendon and Liz at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. They learnt about the Shark Guardian charity, it’s projects and objectives, as well as lots of cool shark information. This was a fun time to reconnect with people who came to events 5 years ago and 2 people from the crowd are currently in training to be the next Shark Guardian presenters.

DAY 4: Dubai British School

Brendon enjoyed a return visit to this primary school as he finished the tour with a whole school assembly to 400 children. The crowd was excited to learn about UAE species as well as getting involved to protect the oceans and our planet.

DAY 4: GEMS Royal Dubai

Finally in 2 school assemblies to include over 1000 children (as well as some parents who also enjoyed the special guest!), Liz finished her tour with a very enthusiastic bunch! There were so many questions from the children aged 5 to 11 years and just not enough time to answer them all – this is the effect of the Shark Guardian presentations (and why schools just want us back time and time again!!).


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