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USA: Brutal killing of endangered sharks for sport must stop

Killing of sharks for sport
Credit: John Hourston, Blue Planet Society

The brutal killing of endangered sharks for sport is an unjustifiable practice that must be halted immediately. We urge NOAA Fisheries to take decisive action by implementing a comprehensive ban. Sharks are essential to marine ecosystems, playing a crucial role in maintaining balance and biodiversity.

Let's raise our voices and demand that these magnificent creatures be protected from senseless cruelty. Together, we can create a future where sharks are respected, and their populations thrive.

Join us in signing this critical petition that calls for an end to the merciless sport killing of sharks in tournaments. Together, we can amplify our voices and demand action from NOAA Fisheries. By adding your name, you contribute to the growing movement dedicated to protecting these magnificent creatures and preserving the health of our oceans.

Take a stand against the senseless brutality and lend your support to this vital cause. Let's create a powerful force for change and ensure a future where sharks are safeguarded from unnecessary harm. Sign the petition today and make a difference.


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