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Sharks - Our Ocean Guardians (Book 1)

Sharks - Our Ocean Guardians (Book 1)

Sharks Our Ocean Guardians. Book One of the Shark Guardian children's book series! 

Shark Guardian is delighted to introduce their first book about sharks for children. The demand for, and suggestions of, a children's book to complement the Shark Guardian educational presentation, has been huge. Finally, with the help of the most amazing author and illustrator Gail Clarke, the Shark Guardian dream has become a reality. 

Book One in the Shark Guardian Children's book series is mainly about learning all there is to know about sharks such as;

  • How long sharks have been around for
  • Megalodon Sharks
  • How many different kinds of sharks there are in our oceans today
  • shark anatomy and senses
  • Shark in the ocean food chain and their role in the eco system
  • Introducing Jed the hammerhead shark


Jed will be followed on future journeys in the sequel books, where he encounters and learns about other shark species, along with the threats, problems and challenges facing sharks and the oceans. There will be an emphasis on further learning with fun activities for children, plus conservation ideas and getting involved.

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